Google's Shortcomings With Video In Blended Search Results

Googles Shortcomings With Video In Blended Search Results Google has an overwhelming share of online videos and viewers, as evident by this month's latest stats on comScore. So we asked the panel at the Search Engine Strategies Chicago conference, The Next Wave for Online Video: What do you see as the biggest shortcomings with how Google is indexing and displaying video in search results today?

Google had poor planning for anticipating video growth, says SES panel

The panel's answer: Google under-anticipated the video boom – both with content and viewers – and didn't properly plan for how interactive content (video) could better be indexed for relevance in their universal search results. Consequentially, video content has been of much less caliber than traditional text-only results, and leaning much more heavily for Google properties (YouTube). The problem was that doing it right would have cost a lot of money, and even now with Google's major overhaul in its data centers to better analyze relevancy in video content, it was something that should have been planned out a long time ago.

The panelists for SES Chicago's Next Wave of Online Video were:

  • Gregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative,
  • Jared Simon, VP Corporate Finance & Business Development,
  • Steve Espinosa, Director of Product Development & Management, eLocal Listing, LLC
Special thanks to contributing guest reporter Erika Blackwell for her on-site coverage at SES Chicago 2008 Conference & Expo.
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