So Google recently made a change to their search results that rolls in content from your Google Plus account and your Picasa account. The idea, to hear Google tell it, is to make the search results more personalized and more useful to each user... to help them find more meaningful and engaging content. There's only one problem: they left out the Videos search vertical.

Google Wants Search To Be Social, Except Video

Video is becoming more social all the time, with activity on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social properties driving the surge in video popularity.

So if the "new" Google results are all about engaging content... why leave out video? When I perform a search today for something like "Google," I see some good Google Plus content to the right of the results, like this:

Did Google Forget About Video? New Personalized Search Doesnt Extend To Videos google plus google results 606x459

But if I search on the Videos vertical for something like "Apple," there's no Google Plus personalization in the video results whatsoever:

Did Google Forget About Video? New Personalized Search Doesnt Extend To Videos google plus google results2 606x621

Am I the only one who thinks that's weird? It's the exact same feeling I had when Google Plus launched, but didn't integrate my YouTube account (which would have been easy for them to do... and which they later did). They have added the personalization to the Images vertical... and the News vertical... but not video. It's almost like someone forgot to remind the team that they own YouTube, and are, by definition, one of the biggest proponents of video in the world.

There is no more engaging and popular content variety than video, a lot of which is owed to social activity... so it's an odd and fairly glaring oversight that the Videos search vertical has no Google Plus integration at all.

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Let's say that, as a search user, I want video. I love video--Google knows this, which is why they've been rolling video results into universal search for years. And who is more likely to serve me video I'm interested in... my close friends and personal contacts from Google Plus or some faceless algorithm? If personalization is good for standard results, it's even better for video results--from the perspective of both the users and the people marketing those videos.

I'm sure there's probably a reason why video was left out of the transition, but I'm not able to come up with one that makes any sense. Unless, as I wrote earlier, this new Google search is much less about wanting us to find engaging content and a lot more about their ongoing battles with Facebook & Twitter.

  • Jack N Fran Farrell

    Can Google add search for keywords or comments associated with YouTube? Yes! Can search videos frame by frame for objects or faces? Yes! Is Google negotiating with video sites for how it can search and catalogue their comments and video and voice? Yes!

    What do you think that twits like Murdock would editorialize about that??

  • Video Leads Online

    I agree it is missing Video in the "personalized" searches... but I read up on it when they first announced it and they stated (somewhere) that it was going to work on the 'Everything' and the 'Images' part. I guess it is still not working with Video since Video is still not working well with GooglePlus. Maybe when they get the Video piece to work better in G+ then the search personal part will work with video as well.

    BTW, how have they integrated your YouTube account? I think they have integrated YouTube a bit, but not 'your account'... I would think you should be able to access videos you have uploaded into your YouTube account on G+ for it to be integrated. (could be I've missed something important though, let me know).

  • Tyler Gustoff Moore

    Meh. Messing around with the feature with the given example of 'apple' as the search query, only images and 'everything' appear to actually have this social aspect infused into them. As you rightly point out, Video does not, but neither does news, shopping, books, or one that actually seems like it would fit naturally with the social aspect, Discussions. While Video is certainly one of the biggest things people share on these various social networks, putting it in perspective that it seems to be the exception rather than the rule for the Search, Plus Your World to be integrated into the results for the various kinds of search results is worth noting.