Not to continually poke this thing with a big sharp stick but the new YouTube comments is that working out for you all? Are you a bunch of happy bunnies yet or are you still reeling at the way the site changed overnight and left many of you wondering what on earth happened? Perhaps an explanation from a YouTube User Experience Manager might make things a little clearer for you? Let's just take a moment to watch how the Google+ Video, er, YouTube team took the decision to change things and how they implemented that via their very state of the art design app "SiteMeddle". Please remember not to get too comfortable and to use Google+ for all things all the time.

We'll just leave this comment on the changes from a YouTube co-founder here.....

Google+ Video Explain Those YouTube Comment Updates, Sort Of jawed karim 606x330


  • hansende

    Funny Video. But seriously this change was not as much about cleaning up YT comments as it was about Google adding some of the "More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month" to Googe+ users to compete with Facebook.

  • JC TubeTrackr

    Very funny, I love it! Google+ will never be like facebook but it nevertheless collects the same data from users for Google (by forcing on Gmail, YT and everything else) so for Google it is already a success... And they have done a good job with the Google Hangouts + YT integration, you have to admit.

    • Frank Burns

      When we think of Free software it is much like Introductory software which is first put in beta mode and released to the general public. User's who quite often get comfortable using someone else's products, forgets over time that the 'trial run' is over and its time to move on in the next phase of software engineering. Whoever first launched the software, owns that software and for all user's, there is a very strong message we have to accept on any platform. Over many years, think about how much we have enjoyyed Googles products in how they transformed our personal and business lives. G+ Integration is simply their new way of hosting their software and in every respect, it boils down to us. If you're not happy adapting with Google, other social platforms upgrade and make sometimes unacceptable changes that leaves users in utter disarray and confusion. Looking to the future means that we have to adapt as a Species and if we are an Intelligent life-form, there can be no illusion regarding the changes around us.

  • 5150

    Might as well shutdown YouTube permanently, since the jackasses that came up with the idea of forcing every YT User to have a G+ account, also everything will be in one site and then Google can have their GoogleTube.

  • Frank Burns


  • Josh Rimer

    I love that screen shot of the co-founder's activities... the first video ever uploaded to the site and then that comment. Speaks volumes!

  • Frank Schwarz

    I love it. I think this is how Google+ Video, I mean YouTube, should make all their announcements.

  • Mark Robertson

    You've said too much already.