Google TV Gives You the Power to Change the Show Outcome

Google TV Gives You the Power to Change the Show Outcome

Google TV has announced a new feature that will allow you to decide the outcome of your favorite shows and films with Google TV Click. Built on their Common Gateway Interface technology you can now direct the video entertainment right from your remote via a new app.

Want Vader to win instead of Luke? Should the cowardly lion stay cowardly in Oz? Don't want the scantily clad girl to go into the dark basement and get killed by the serial killer? Now you can make all of those choices thanks to a new innovative remote control app for your Google TV.

Check out their explanation:

Using the magic of our Common Gateway Interface technology and the patented Motion Beaming feature on your favorite celebrities, you can control the actors, settings, and overall flow of programs. Did Jar Jar Binks ruin the Star Wars prequels for you? Blast him off on a shuttle to a galaxy far, far away. With Google TV Click you are in control and can ensure that every TV viewing experience is to your satisfaction.

With Google TV Click you can decide the outcome of the action. The Google Click app will be available for download from the Google Play Store for one day only — April 31, 2012.

No, not really. It's just another April Fool's day deal from Google, those wily coyotes.

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