Google Runs The Roost, Hulu Flying High

ComScore has released their latest numbers for theirr Video Metrix and while it's no surprise that Google still has a commanding lead, there are others, like Hulu, that are rising fast.

While each of 150 million Internet users each watched roughly 100 videos in March average Google (YouTube) viewers watched 59 videos. That's roughly 5.5 hours per person for those 150 million people. Amazing!

Google still maintains nearly 41% of all videos online, mostly on YouTube now with the new changes to Google Video, with the next closest site being Fox Interactive Media with a whole 3%.

Hulu on the other hand jumped up yet another spot last month and landed feet down in third place only 0.4% behind Fox. If they work hard in April they might move into second place without breaking a sweat.

Sure Microsoft had a massive online video showcase last week but they're still unable to pass Yahoo who is in fourth place.

Rounding out the top ten US Online Video Properties (based on videos viewed) for March 2009 are Viacom Digital, CBS Interactive, Turner Network, Disney Online and AOL. Together they mustered up about 6% share combined.

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