This is just a quick note, mostly because there just aren't a lot of details to share with this story--but it's still pretty cool news. Google engineer and Google Plus team member, Shana Gitnick, has shared a new Google+ feature that should make video fans happy: the ability to record a video with your webcam and share it on Google Plus with the click of a button.

So now instead of syncing a YouTube video or uploading a video from scratch... you can record a video right on your Google Plus Stream and share it instantly.

Here's a photo Gitnick shared of the new feature:

Record & Share Video From Your Webcam Directly On Google Plus webcam video google plus 606x371

And here's what it looks like when the webcam recording feature is in use:

Record & Share Video From Your Webcam Directly On Google Plus webcam video google plus recording

Some people might point out that it's not terribly hard to go find a video on your computer and upload it to Google Plus, and that this "record right now and share" feature doesn't save that much time. But every little bit helps over the long run.

Besides, I really don't think this feature is about making it easier to upload video... it's about making it easier to use video for simple, casual messages. As you know, video is far more engaging than simple text... so giving users the ability to use that medium for even a simple "Hello" message on their Stream could bring a whole new level of engagement and interaction on Google Plus.

  • Suzanne Palmieri-Hayes

    SO! This is very cool, but how do I now take that video and add it to Youtube? I mean, download and then upload again? Or am I missing something. Thank you!

  • Video Leads Online

    Are there other notable video options for G+? I have not really found them yet. (i.e. connection of 1 or more YouTube Channels I might own or edit to GooglePlus).