If you're a Facebook user, you've no doubt noticed the changes today that have their users in an uproar. You know you have a high percentage of angry users when there are hundreds of actual news stories solely about the users' dislike of the changes, such as this piece in the Los Angeles Times. And in the face of all this criticism over the new Facebook, Google got a little cheeky promoting their Google Plus service, which would, of course, love to pick up any new customers that may be unhappy with their current social network. 

Facebook Users Don't Like The New Facebook

Now, this article isn't about video specifically. But many of our readers--most, I'd wager--do some level of social network marketing for their videos. And if we're honest, these new changes at Facebook could impact how and when our video-related posts are seen by our fans and friends.

Right now, a lot of users are reporting silly and casual content showing up in their Top Stories. So someone accomplishing some task in Farmville might show up ahead of your video--if your video even shows up at all.

There's a brand new emphasis on the frequency of your interactions with fans and friends, which directly impacts what shows up in your feed. Which means, you've got to be even more social than ever if you want your content to stay in front of your audience.

To help this article relate to video even more, let's look at some of the immediate YouTube reactions to the new Facebook (some contain bad language):

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Most of the 3,000+ comments on the Facebook blog post about the update (as of this writing) are pretty negative... at least, the majority of the ones I scanned are.

Google Plus Capitalizes On Facebook User Frustration

Google Plus just opened to the public one day ago, which now looks like perfect timing. And to help potential new Plus users find the way to a new social networking service, Google is drawing a giant blue arrow on their home page that leads directly to the signup button:

Google Lures Frustrated Facebook Users, Points The Way To Google Plus google plus arrow 606x198 Cute.

I'm still waiting for the first story after the floodgates opened that estimates how many users Google Plus has added. Does it still have the same allure it did at launch? Or has it been long enough that maybe there won't be as many new users as we think?

What about you? Do you hate the new Facebook? Are you on Google Plus? Are you using it for your video marketing?

  • Kevin Jordo

    say bye to facebook. I gave it up today. ive been fed up enough. I go on facebook to see what my friends are up to. not random people on top stories which I couldn't care less about. I like all the google features on one page. I am a google person now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1405306150 Josh Schiesler

    Facebook ads brought to you by Google...

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002605683703 Tavis Highfill

    I completely deleted my facebook account. I started a new one to help my small business (which I've put on hold anyway). So, I guess I don't have enough friends to see the updates? I dunno. I'm on Google+. How am I going to comment on these stories when I get rid of my new facebook in a few weeks?

  • Mary Jane Hopper

    I'm beginning to like the new FB changes. There is a lot to see and do here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1517167307 Patricia Murphy

    I don't think FaceBook is going to be king for a loooooooong time at all. People are really, truly fed up with the invasive moves they're putting into place. You want the world to see everthing you watch, read, listen to? I hate the changes and I'm on the verge of canning FaceBook and switching to Google+. I think FaceBook did themselves in with this last batch of foolishness.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1406665417 Bill Allen

    Fall Special at headshots-by-bill.com.

  • Cheri Talbot Gahring

    Facebook is out of control. What's the point? Google + seems like the way to go.

  • Greg Lippincott

    Yeah I am going to do more post to Google + now that its open to the public.

  • Misti

    I'm not "scared" of anything; I simply don't need a "nanny" to tell me which of my posts FB deems worthy of allowing me to see and in what order. I just signed up for Google Plus; kind of lonely so far until more of my friends get moved over. Remains to be seen what Google is like but as long as they let me read my friends' posts and don't splatter my personal info all over the Internet, I'm with them.

  • Trevor Snapp

    I'm done with facebook and their bull. hello google + :)

  • Biljana Aslimoska

    Problems with G+ chatting :S can anyone help me?
    G+ work on chat or what?

  • http://harounkola.com Haroun Kola

    I'm on both Google+ and Facebook though most of the people I'm social with are on FB.

    Sure, I'm getting the moaners in my timeline but I think the updates are bringing Facebook more in line with G+.

    I'm liking this competition, I'm also +1ing it :)

  • Claudine Olee B

    Who moved my cheese!

  • http://raterblog.blogspot.com Daniel

    Brilliant post; shut down my Facebook profile a few days ago in favour of Google Plus and a lot of my friend community has done the same. Looks like Google could be on to a winner, and that's no exaggeration. Exciting times indeed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612859412 Steven Fox

    Nobody except Lizette uses Google plus which means they have high quality users, but, then again, quantity counts for something.

  • Craig Reeves

    Its missing users, but as they come most people will start to remove themselves from Facebook.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100361750022323 Video Leads Online

    I am waiting for the Branded page option on G+ (business pages). Don't know when they will come, but that is when more push happens from my side for video on G+. FB, IMO has been very hard to deal with if you have business to do there and don't want it tied to your "personhood" (in this case Dog-hood).

    I also hope that there will be better integration between G+ & YouTube in the future. Plus I tie in my Android (Droid) phone to it all. Right now I can have my phone auto-upload pictures & videos I took on my phone to G+, but there is no way to get them from that G+ upload into YouTube (that I know of).

    G+ is good and I think it will improve. Probably the issues people are ticked off at FB about right now are directly caused by G+ so let's see the competition cause both to be better.

  • Nicholas Scarpinato

    Until Google+ has "Sign In with Google+" buttons scattered all over the Web, it doesn't matter much what Facebook does. Facebook is going to be king for a loooooooooooooong time. People are pissed because they don't understand the changes. So... read? Learn about it? I like the changes, it already makes my FB experience 10 times easier than it was before. Sure, the news feed is a little weird now, but the realtime updates window more than makes up for it.

    And I have Google+, and right now, it's pretty boring and useless. Back when it was invite-only, I couldn't PAY PEOPLE to sign up. Now, I STILL can't get anyone to sign up. It's not very social when none of your friends are using it.

  • Timothy McGovern

    I don't see the big deal. Ive always liked g+ better though

  • Greg Kecia Harden

    I like it.

  • shashidhar

    The recently introduced updates in Facebook which are actually meant to upgrade the quality for its users is in real very downgrading and disappointing,actually as soon as some new update is released in fb everyone is looking for ways to restore back to the older version,so better fb look for better changes or there is no doubt that its going to face a serious threat from google plus which is actually very good.
    To Editor:Its a very good article u came up with,cheers!!!

    P.S. :I have been using both fb and google +

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002906218894 Ashraful Alm

    go ahed

  • Mani Inkfield

    ya ofcourse its true Human nature if some thing new comes in market then existing one get scared or else any behavior.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.norton1 Richard Norton via Facebook