Google Plus has certainly received plenty of praise from me. Maybe I was getting bored with Facebook. Or maybe Google Plus has some really cool features and attributes that I like a lot. Most likely, it's a bit of both. But despite everything I love about Google Plus, there's one glaring oversight to the service that simply boggles my mind: Lack of YouTube integration.

Google Plus Has Everything... Except YouTube

Google owns YouTube. And Google owns Google Plus. And users can participate in both services using the same Google account credentials. So wouldn't you think it'd be a natural fit to integrate that YouTube account in with that Google Plus account?

Take Picasa, for instance. It's Google's photo-sharing service, and it's pretty seamlessly integrated into Google Plus, so that you can port over photos from Picasa albums to your Plus profile. Nice and easy, right?

Why don't we get the same thing with YouTube? When I view my public profile and click the Videos tab, here's what I see:

Google Plus Has One Huge Glaring Oversight: YouTube Integration googleplus uploadvideos e1353382886855 606x114

I don't have any uploaded videos yet. Except that I do... to YouTube. So why can't I see those in here? Am I the only one to whom that makes sense? It boggles the mind.

Also, there's another place where YouTube would seem to be an obvious integration: profile links. Here's what the links look like on the right side of my profile page:

Google Plus Has One Huge Glaring Oversight: YouTube Integration profile links e1353382947150

As of right now, I have only the link to ReelSEO, and if you click that blue Edit Profile button, you get a chance to add new links, and it looks like this:

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Google Plus Has One Huge Glaring Oversight: YouTube Integration googleplus connect accounts 606x431 Let's choose the "connect an account" drop-down menu, shall we? Let's see what options it gives us:

Google Plus Has One Huge Glaring Oversight: YouTube Integration googleplus connect accounts options 606x428

For those of you squinting at the screen, here are the pre-set accounts you have the option to connect to your Google Plus profile:

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Microsoft
  • Plaxo

Surely I don't need to point out what's missing, right? Well, I will anyway: there's no YouTube option?! They have Plaxo but they don't have YouTube, their own video property? 

And yes, you can create custom profile links, sure. But I'm talking about automated integration, or at least having YouTube listed as one of the presets shown above. You mean to tell me that Google is fine letting me link a competitor's account like Microsoft or Yahoo (or Facebook), but not their own video site?

I need someone smarter than me to explain why there's no YouTube integration with Google Plus. I've been scratching my head at it for a couple days now, and I can't come up with anything that makes any sense. I suppose it's possible a lot of people wouldn't want their YouTube videos on their Google Plus profile. Okay... fine. Then why can't we at least have a check box where each user gets to choose?

Now, this is Google we're talking about here. Land of geniuses, right?. I'm sure they have some reason--surely some Google employee wondered aloud in a brainstorming meeting why they weren't integrating YouTube--I just can't figure out what it is. Anyone got any guesses?

  • EZehnder

    Well, looks like you got your wish and it's HORRIBLE.

  • mustdisquss

    every time I sign in to google plus, it signs me in to youtube. if there is no work around, its not good for those that want privacy on all these seperate services. with everything linked to google+... could this be a dream for hackers?

  • Mark Petticord

    Two years later... same issues. don't know why they don't make this simple and allow us to link to our Youtube channels without changing user name to match google plus.

  • King

    This is stupid.I don't wont my friends or family see my videos over G+ and definetly my subscribers.They will have to go to You Tube and search it.

    Even more stupid,when I comment it shows my real name.I don't want my real name in comments,I want my username,kingshoot.It is way cooler than your real f****** name.Google,fix that.

  • Ross Presser

    Integration on youtube might be nice, IF IT DIDN'T TRY TO TAKE OVER. I left Google+ a week ago because it really wasn't doing anything for me -- I am not a content creator, and this was just one more blessed thing I needed to check and which usually had nothing interesting to read at all. So I left.

    Now, without a Google+ account, I am no longer allowed to use thumbs up or down on Youtube comments, Or leave my own comments. Thankfully they left me the option to have playlists of my own, or to Like/Dislike individual videos.

  • Airbag888

    What I'd love is to be able to share my G+ videos to my youtube channel. Like someone mentioned at least you can link a youtube video in a new post. But once the video is on G+ it only goes out to G+ nowhere else. That's annoying because instant upload sends picture/video I take/make to G+ automatically. I don't want to have to upload something twice

  • vero

    get out google plus you ruined youtube, i cant even navigate this thing correctly anymore
    fix it and just go back to being whatever you were and leave youtube out of it

  • Arthur Hau

    google is famous for having NO integration for most of its services. youtube, gmail, google+, blogger, igoogle, google videos... Instead of integrating everything, google chooses to abandon some of its services and leaves most of them segregated.

    Without a full fledged integration plan, google has NO FUTURE! By full-fledged integration, I don't mean leaving a link with a pull down menu, like the one in gmail. I mean something like a single frontpage serving like a desktop that you see whenever you log onto your google account. Or something like the facebook profile page with a sidebar menu allowing an end user to click into different services easily.

    Is it that difficult to create a single page to allow a user to access everything he/she uses under the same google brand name?

    Google could have replaced igoogle by something like "wegoogle", allowing igoogle to change its personal service interface into a social service interface. Instead, google chose regrettably to acquire orkut. Now, it tries to throw away orkut, replace it by google+, and at the same time abandon igoogle.

    Why did it take google so long to come up with a backward looking social network google+, when it had all the nuts and bolts to create to create a super personalnetwork desktop to replace the stupid microsoft desktop so many years ago? Perhaps, google thinks chrome can do the job of replacing the desktop!? But again, chrome is not integrated to anything!

    • Classic Material

      I that's what the whole idea is with Google+ I just don't think they have gotten there yet.

  • nuclearmedia

    Is this fixed yet?

  • Stefan Rogin

    not yet fixed.

  • Christiaan Corthals

    Yes, I am missing the Youtube link as well. E.g. when I make a movie with my tablet, it automatically uploads to my Google Plus account. But I cannot share it on Youtube, where you can edit, obtain the embed code etc.

  • Stephani N Kaye

    I just discovered this. mucho dissapointedo

  • Derek-Jojen Cummings

    Agreed 200% I thought this would be part of G+ from the start, but then again its still in beta right? Anyways ya it would be cool to log into and upload a video and when you choose to make it private you can select what circles you want to share with. Eventually Google should force users to link there google accounts and slowly automatically make all YouTube accounts Google + accounts!

  • Ian Piepenbrock

    I can't believe this still isn't integrated. My company has a bulk of youtube content (it's actually our core business) and they expect us to upload all that content again in order to display it on our G+ page. It makes absolutely no sense. The other day I heard Google's product VP brag about the new Youtube integration.... turned out he was talking about the youtube search in the top right of a G+ profile/page.

    That's about the same kind of 'integration' as the 'switch between accounts' option for Google accounts... makes absolutely no sense because it doesn't solve or add anything.... sigh.

  • Kristen Dyrr

    I was also confused when I first clicked the Google+ video tab, expectig my YouTube videos to be there. Then I thought maybe clicking upload would give me a YouTube option. I assume this will be added later, but it's annoying not to have it now. I'm just going to turn off the tab until that is integrated.

  • Myplusbluddies Domica

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  • Chris Payne

    I agree with this. I would like my existing YouTube videos to show up on my Google+ profile. I shouldn't have to upload a video to multiple locations. Let's just keep it simple.

  • Nate Morey

    WHy is it taking so long? look up "cosmic panda" the new youtube layout in progress, you will see youtube no longer has a white background but grey (matching google plus perfectly) and has black behind videos and would look great with the google bar on top of it (unlike the current youtube which would look odd) My prediction is soon as cosmic panda (there new layout name btw) is finished integration will occur within a couple weeks.

  • Rachel Slovin

    Any progress with the integration?

  • Jon E. Hendrickson

    My Google Public Profile was linked to and showed my uploaded videos on Youtube _UNTIL_ I joined G+. I submitted feedback about this glaring oversight the moment I noticed back in June, but I have yet to receive a response from Google.

    Whatever their plan is, I fail to see why my Google Public Profile (set up for e-mail and gTalk) had my Youtube videos listed when I clicked the "Videos" tab, but moment I entered G+ Beta, it disappeared and showed I had uploaded no videos. I panicked when I saw that and raced over to Youtube to see if my videos went bye-bye. Never would I have expected this lack of forethought and planning from Google.

  • Tansir Hossain Tuhin

    we see google+ votes is one of the top social stuff but here is also many site like that now its time to see their activities and how much they will satisfy us with their performance. will come here to see your reply, thanks.

  • roadrunner

    I for one am glad the buzz and +1's are not in the stream,that was one of the downsides to Facebook,to much junk to sort through.Imagine if you have 20 friends who buzz/+1 20 items each,you would spend all day trying to find a post,and not to mention,buzzes and +1's would take the place of posts..not good..keep them seperate.

  • Keith Murray

    It is integrated already and has been since day one. Here's how to post a YouTube video -

    • Patrick Malka

      that is not what we mean here, we want seamless integration, not a shared link to the video, I can cut and paste a youtube link myself, I dont need a menu to do it, I want the videos to appear in my GOOGLE PLUS video list.

  • IceKat

    I thought I was just missing the obvious (which happens a lot LOL). Thank you for reassuing me it's not my brain but Google's that has apparently gone kaput. :)
    They are nuts! I'd much prefer my videos to be in Google+ where the people who are the most important can see them. Google is just weird.

    What surprises me is that you have a stream and then you have Buzz....totally separately. Why would you not have the option to combine your stream with things you've clicked +1 on or Buzz??? Shows that Google hasn't quite got things sorted out yet.

  • Shyam C Nambiar

    The reason why you cannot connect your Youtube a/c with your Google account is cuz your YouTube a/c is automatically and permanently connected with your Google a/c. yes, YouTube integration is missing along with a lot of other important features but one would expect them to be phased in gradually over the coming months.

  • Ranjit Grewal

    is good

  • Jay Lichtenberger

    I've heard through the grape vine that Google Plus will have tabs with our YouTube Channels built right in. Finally a real way to connect with our audience!

    • Jay Lichtenberger

      I wish I knew. All I do know is that if you are a partner on YouTube its going to help a lot.

    • Jay Lichtenberger

      whats your channel? mine are thescarysnowman ripfilms and scenicvideos

    • Natalie Brown

      Do you know when that's going to happen? Will it be after Beta when it goes Public?

    • Natalie Brown

      Ahhh that is good to know since I am a partner. Looking forward to the reveal!

    • Natalie Brown

      I just subbed to your ripfilms channel. I'm nataliemedia

    • Jay Lichtenberger

      Natalie Brown I have a gut feeling it will happen on or around March 13th

  • 2WYCE

    I don't know if it was like this a few days ago when you wrote this, but I have noticed that when you post you can share your youtube videos if you click on the video icon. I understand this isn't as integrated as Picasa is as of now (that I've noticed), but it would seem from this that it's a feature to come.

  • VideoLeadsOnline

    I'd guess that the YouTube integration will happen when they decide to allocate more Server Space/Bandwidth or some issue like that. Perhaps while it is in beta, they have a limited amount of bandwidth allocated to it and they feel that YouTube video activity would push it over the top.

    Just a guess of course!

  • Jeff Martin

    Spoke to several people about this at our DFWSEM Association meeting last night (

    Yes, I'm sure integration is coming in some fashion. Yes, it would seemingly be not too complex for them to do considering what's already been done.

    I'm surprised that more people didn't take notice when YouTube didn't roll out +1 to YouTube search results as they said they would in a blog post they made on the day Google+ went live. But I digress...

    I'm hoping to be able to import all of my subscribers/friends in Google+ and assign them (hopefully automatically) to a proper circle (or two) so I can push out activity feed announcements for new uploads (as one example) so we don't have to solely rely on the subscription model the YouTube has in place now (or that infrequent subscriber email that sometimes goes out and sometimes doesn't). Integration with Google+ could amplify sharing and exposure considerably.

    • Silver Smith

      The giant, megalithic-sized Google company has probs coordinating across their various units...

    • Silver Smith

      Another example of where hive-mind organization has some downsides.

  • David Curtis

    Ford has the first company page on G+ at.

    Notice they have a Video tab, but no videos...their Buzz tab does have a video pulled in from Vimeo, though.

    Perhaps G+ is waiting to get the Cosmic Panda treatment from YouTube.

  • Bill McGonigle

    Heh, I went through the same sequence of steps as you did before searching and finding your post. I look forward to this work being finished. Try doing a Facebook-style 'Message Bob Jones' on G+ - no easy GMail integration either.

  • Francisco ‘Kaëtus’ Sousa

    I scratched my head for a while 2 to but if mere mortals can see and feel the need of Youtube. Its (almost) certain that they did also.

    The first time I was on g+ pictures tab and saw my picassa albums integrated there. I went running to the videos tab, hoping to see my youtube uploaded videos. So I understnad your frustration Buy As Snirp (in the comments bellow) said (and I agree) “The Google Plus you are seeing now is far from finished…”.

    This is still work in progress. I myself found some dead links there.

    I’m thinking that maybe they are planning a video integration far better than the picassa integration we are seeing now.

    Youtube has a massive amount of users and probably they are planning/thinking a way of bringing that user base into plus…

  • Bryan Thompson

    in due time my friend.

    • Mark Robertson

      How hard could it be though. They already have single sign-on and authentication turned...

    • Cory Heuschkel

      I heard posting Google+ stuff on Facebook gets you banned for life. SWEAR TO GOD

    • Clayton N Crawford

      I'll be waiting.

    • Francisco ‘Kaëtus’ Sousa

      so we are doomed :)

  • Kaetus

    I scratched my head for a while 2 to but if mere mortals can see and feel the need of Youtube. Its (almost) certain that did also.

    The first time on the pictures tab and saw my picassa albums integrated there. I went running to the videos tab, hoping to see my youtube uploaded videos.

    As Snirp said (and I agree) "The Google Plus you are seeing now is far from finished..."

    This is still work in progress. I myself found some dead links there.

    I'm thinking that maybe they are planning a video integration far better than the picassa integration we are seeing now.

    Youtube has a massive amount of users and probably they are planning/thinking a way of bringing that user base into plus...

  • Daniel Lee Wolf

    As far as I know Blogger and Picasa will be the first two to be integrated into Google Plus (Picasa is basically done and will just be rebranded), but eventually ALL Google properties will be moved to G+ architecture and will make use of features like Circles and whatnot. Google+ isn't even public yet so it's unfair to expect too much from them at this point.

    • Mark Robertson

      I suppose but they've had the profile version live for a long time with the "connected" accounts feature and it seems to me that "YouTube" which Google can get access to :-), would be more important than Plaxo or Yelp (though I see the usefulness of those as well).

  • Richard Johnson

    There's a reason they are calling it Beta. I guarantee there are plenty more cool features to come.

  • Snirp

    "I need someone smarter than me to explain why there’s no YouTube integration with Google Plus. I’ve been scratching my head at it for a couple days now, and I can’t come up with anything that makes any sense."

    You should have come up with the answer yourself, really. The Google Plus you are seeing now is far from finished and will not be finished soon. Google itself has commented on Google Plus being introduced in 'rolling thunder' style. Even as the main platform for its services. Expect youtube integration. Expect Blogger integration.

    For now, i guess Google felt like photo's would appeal to more folks than video's and/or youtube integration would b a harder feat.

  • Rick Hardman

    Um, yeah - no idea either. If it was a complete oversight I would have to have to answer to that when the big bosses ask why YouTube was not integrated. ;)