Ever since the launch of Google Plus, Paul Allen over at elance has been crunching some numbers based on their company data. And in the rare moments Google has given official numbers, Allen's have been remarkably close--as when Larry Page stated there were over 40 million and Allen's number was 38 million. Now Allen says there are over 62 million users in total, with Google Plus Adding 625,000 new users per day.

Google Plus Growing Like Crazy

Allen also includes some predictions based on the growth model he sees so far. For instance, he expects over 85 million Google Plus users by February 1, 2012. And by the end of 2012? 400 million.

This is an insane amount of growth, and cannot be ignored or understated. Despite the trendy comments about there not being enough users on Google Plus, the service is adding over half a million new people a day. Sooner or later, that critique of Google Plus just won't hold water anymore.

But we also have to temper our praise for the growth of Google Plus, because it's Google we're talking about here. The size and reach of the brand gave them a platform to launch Google Plus that competitors like Facebook didn't have. In fact, Google continues to integrate Plus more deeply into other Google services like YouTube and search, further exposing the service to millions of potential new customers.

For this reason, Allen expects his predictions--which are based on the current growth rate of Google Plus--are too conservative, and that the rate of growth will continue to accelerate. He attributes a big part of the growth acceleration to Android, and the new 700,000 Android devices that are activated daily.

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So will you be joining Google Plus soon to see what the fuss is about? Did you already join?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670956418 Ronnie Bincer

    Still looking forward to better YouTube integration inside Google+.

  • Rorie Hannigan

    Will be really interesting to see if Google Hangouts become really popular. I still haven't experienced using them however if they are easy to use then it could well change the face of video calling!

    What would be even more interesting is if brands started to use this as a method of interaction. Just as people are doing now on facebook, imagine having a problem, searching for a companies customer service department and finding that they are able to give you a real time response. Just as other companies use Live Chat, brands put a customer representative in front of the consumer.

  • Sam Stone


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002474424216 David Behnken

    I wanted to copy and paste a part of your article here because it give a great summary,..."growth can not be ignored or understated" In the world of social media evolution each platform learns from the next and adapts to what the public wants. The ones that don't, or fail to adapt will go to the wayside. The ones that conform to our needs, in this fundamental shift in the way we communicate, wll thrive.