Here's something fun for a Saturday morning. It's not remotely related to video, and only barely related to search, but it's definitely cool and fun. And heck... it's a Saturday... let's let our hair down a little. Since many of us spend a lot of time on Google's search engine doing searches and testing, I'm betting a lot of you will enjoy Google's latest search-related Easter egg: snow.

The Google Let It Snow Easter Egg

Here's all you need to do: go to, type "Let it snow," and sit back and enjoy the show. What show? Why, the snow, of course.  Here's what things look like as the snow begins falling:

Create A Winter Wonderland With The Google Let It Snow Easter Egg snow1 606x537

Then, a few moments later, after more snowfall, it looks like this:

Create A Winter Wonderland With The Google Let It Snow Easter Egg snow25 606x566

The page fills up with snow pretty quickly, and eventually begins to block the search results and the information on the page. No worries, though... you're a seasoned veteran of winter fun... just write your name in the snow (I wrote "ReelSEO" but it's not easy to make out in this image):

Create A Winter Wonderland With The Google Let It Snow Easter Egg snow reelseo 606x489

Pretty cool, eh? You have to love how Google keeps doing these little Easter eggs (like the barrel roll) that allow us to pause and have a little fun in the midst of our work.

I promise we'll have some actual video-related content today as well, but I thought this was a nugget of fun worth sharing. Now go play in the snow.

UPDATE: As commenters have noted, this works in Chrome and Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Jelena Catarina Stojkovic Filipe

    como se faz?

  • Caitlyn Molly West

    works for me x.

  • Grace Cee

    Too cool hehehe.

  • Francine Colao

    Way cool

  • Jyotsna Kaushik

    good 1

  • Karin Gates

    If you do this in Internet Explorer then you have to view it in Compatibility View (Tools -> Compatibility View Settings).

  • Giavanna Ramos

    It doesn't wrk.

  • Marrissa Ennis

    doesn't work at all.... lame as hell.

  • Ferdinand Carlos


  • Kerry Bennett

    worked fore me with Firefox.

  • Ifrah Waqar

    - Sweet Stuff!

  • Shailesh Gavathe

    Use Chrome or Firefox for this. Didn't work for me in IE, which is expected as usual...

    • Sani Ahmed

      worked for me

  • Solomon Sam

    works in chrome.

  • Melissa Huse Klebs

    didn't work for me either.

  • M Marc Mags

    Yeah...didn't work for me either.

  • X Chloe Victoria Rolls X

    it don't work.

  • Debbie Davidian Rouser

    Love this

  • κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων – PCNW

    Very cool script! Is this available for use in our websites ?