Google + Intel = Smart TVs Coming Soon!

There are rumblings afoot that Google and Intel are set to announce a new joint project in the Web TV arena. It's said to be a "Smart TV" platform according to the Financial Times. The two technology mammoths are set to sign on with a third, Sony, to bring new televisions with built-in web services. It's expected that Google's Android will be in place as will Intel's Atom processors which should be the foundation of new set-top boxes and integrated into TVs affording them a range of web services.

This will help push a two-screen convergence as TVs will now be able to access online content directly

This is just the latest barrage in the web's assault on the standard TV screen as CES was chocked full of internet connected devices including televisions, disc players and more.

Intel is not only aiming at online video but also the games-on-demand sector which is rapidly growing with several new companies vying for the top spot at present. This could also spell trouble for the big three console makers - Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo but it's not yet at that point.

Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, Sharp and Panasonic have all announced  internet-enabled TVs  that will integrate a host of features including Skype video calling, Nexflix on demand, internet radio stations and a wide range of widgets.

If Android is going to be the heart of it all it will open the TV to a large developer community that could rapidly create a wide range of applications. This could possibly also open the way to further advertising, from Google's AdWords, on the TV as well if it gets Android in there.

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  • J.B

    I for one am eagerly awaiting Google TV. For too long TV and video has been consigned to specific roles, its so nice to see the various mediums that it is expanding into.