Google Image and Video Search Patent Application

Google Image and Video Search Patent Application

A patent application by Google that was recently made public has technology that may greatly advance the ability to search images, including video. TechCrunch says:

A patent application lodged by Google in July 2007 but recently made public seeks to patent a method where by robots (computers) can read and understand text in images and video.

The extension of the application would be that images and video indexed by Google would be searchable by the text located within the image or video itself, a big step forward in indexing that has not previously been available.

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  • nazia

    Both methods (internal search, outsourcing to a law firm) are very risky. A less than adequate search can result in your patent becoming essentially worthless, or worse yet, a liability.

  • Frank Lucero

    Google is too late these patents have already been issued to
    ATLANTA, GEORGIA – November 15, 2011 – World Wide Broadcast Network, Inc. (WWBN), a developer of broadcasting technology systems for the Internet, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 8,060,498 for its innovative video and audio search system with one or more calls to action.,060,498&OS=8,060,498&RS=8,060,498