Google and ReelSEO Want You To Embrace Video SEO

Google and ReelSEO Want You To Embrace Video SEO

Last month, I told you that Google is putting additional efforts into instructing publishers of the benefits of  Google's video sitemaps.  It is nice to see that Google is also running some PPC ads to promote Video SEO.  Since the start of ReelSEO, I've been a proponent of video sitemaps and I have always felt that the definition of "video SEO" should really refer to SEO for videos on your website as opposed to syndicated video (that is just my opinion of course).

Google and ReelSEO Want You To Embrace Video SEO

Perhaps Google should run an ad on ReelSEO?  wink wink, nudge nudge.   We'll give them a discount and we will even write news articles about them from time to time for FREE... ;-)

In all sincerity, it really is nice (and kinda odd at the same time that they would use the word "SEO" - long history there) to see that Google is pushing publishers to learn more about getting video into Google search.  With that in mind, stay tuned to ReelSEO as we plan to hold a webinar on the topic with a special guest (hint - they are featured in this post).

This is officially the shortest post I've ever written. Have a great weekend.

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