Google Realtime Search is the feature that indexes posts from Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and other services both on its own URL and into the "one-box" on main search results. And for now, at least, it's not working anymore. It's not because something's broken with the service, but instead, the entire thing is in maintenance mode while Google figures out how to best insert results from their own just-launched social network, Google Plus.

Very early this morning, the Google Realtime Twitter feed put out this message:

Google Disables Realtime Search To Incorporate Google Plus Results realtime search 606x392

That's pretty interesting to me. I mean... why does the entire thing need to be turned off in order to experiment with Google Plus? Why are they "exploring how" to incorporate Google Plus when this was surely part of their plan from the moment they conceived of their own social network? Do they mean they don't know how to add Google Plus?

You used to be able to go to and perform a search. Now, however, you get this:

Google Disables Realtime Search To Incorporate Google Plus Results realtimesearch2 606x257

The Next Web says they're already spotting journalists on social networks who are pretty upset about the Realtime results disappearing. But I imagine those folks won't have much to complain about for long. Google will turn Realtime Search back on, and will probably do so soon. And when they do, Google Plus data will very likely be a part of it.

And that's important for those journalists and everyone else to keep in mind. Google Plus is obviously very important to the company's strategy moving forward. And I can envision a time when it's even more prominent in the search results than Twitter or Facebook is.

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  • George Kelvin

    Really worth a wait. Considering the network of sources available with Google (Youtube, Blogger, Gmail, News, Picasa, Docs etc.,)

  • Folly Darling

    I just wish it would go away --back to a search engine.

  • Matthew Peake

    Is Google+ a "catch all" facility where you can integrate all your social media interfaces in to one?

  • Martin Deese

    You can still get Free Google Plus Invites at It's the only site I know that still works since Google stopped allowing the public.

    • Bernhard Haidinger


  • Paola Ruby Diaz


  • Tom Aikins

    What if they're going to disable these other sites in their real time search permanently and only show Google+ results.

  • Pam Brossman

    Do you think videos use in Google Plus will rank higher than those of YouTube?

    • Louise Griffiths

      I don't think they will rank higher than Youtube simply because they are on Google+ but from what I understand the more +1 your video gets on Google+ the higher it will potentially rank. I.e a video on Google+ has the ability to rank easier - in theory.

  • Elizabeth Corinth

    That, or, it's a publicity ploy - they don't really *need* to switch it off, but doing so draws everyone's attention to Google+ and the fact that results are incorporated into realtime.

  • Steve Kay

    They're probably just figuring out how to implement the functionality without compromising a user's privacy settings.

    It'd be a pretty big deal if there was a privacy issue bug found via real time search so early on in the game when their whole ethos behind Google+ so far has been circles of privacy.

    People would loose confidence in it very quickly so it makes total sense that they're testing it internally first.

  • Umar Nolen

    The only thing I can say is... why not?