YuMe Launches Google Adsense In-Video Overlay Ads

YuMe, the largest online video advertising network, today announced that it will serve InVideo overlay ads as part of Google's AdSense for video beta advertising program. Leveraging YuMe's leading ad management platform and as part of its commitment to deliver optimal monetization and fill rates for its clients, YuMe publishers who are current AdSense customers will also now have the opportunity to accept AdSense for video ad placements.

Google's AdSense for video beta program extends the model of the company's highly popular AdSense text advertising business to the rapidly growing online video space. Targeted, contextually relevant InVideo graphical ads and text overlays help advertisers connect with consumers while providing a positive experience for users and an effective and efficient monetization opportunity for publishers. Said Jayant Kadambi, CEO of YuMe, "Being part of Google's AdSense for video beta provides our publishers with a powerful new avenue for realizing the full revenue potential of their video inventory. We're excited to be working with one of the true innovators in online advertising to leverage our ad management platform and newly launched Adaptive Campaign Engine capability."

Google is one of the third-party feeds accepted by YuMe's Adaptive Campaign Engine, a recently launched feature of YuMe's ad management system, which helps publishers in its network match each video ad impression with the best money making ad placement in real-time. Now, YuMe will run AdSense for video on behalf of publishers in the YuMe network who wish to act as part of Google's Content Network, accessing its advertiser base and monetization opportunities.

YuMe's ad management platform serves and optimizes AdSense for video on behalf of participating publishers in its network, using its advanced contextual targeting technology that takes into account the nature and context of specific video content to ensure higher click-through rates for advertisers. Current YuMe publishers utilizing AdSense for video to monetize their content include VidShadow, Mondo Media and JoeCartoon, to name a few. To view demos of the various ad formats available on the YuMe video network, including the in-stream overlay text ads, visit the ad gallery at http://www.yume.com/ad_gallery/gallery.html. SOURCE

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