2010 Video Marketing Quiz - Can You Guess Which Videos Performed Best?

2010 Video Marketing Quiz   Can You Guess Which Videos Performed Best?Last year, EyeView launched a fun interactive quiz based on A/B testing data that was designed to test your video marketing instincts.  This year, they are at it again with a new quiz that will get you to think about how simple variations within implementation of website video can influence conversion. Can you guess which videos performed best?

With last years quiz, which you can still take here, over 3000 people participated and according to Eyeview, very few scored a perfect 8 out of 8.  That being said, there are certainly some zingers in there and some of the answers are counterintuitive, even for an internet marketing expert.  As an example, one of the questions from last year's quiz was with regard to male vs. female voice-overs.  Over 70% of those that took last year's quiz guessed that one or the other would have been more effective.  The truth is that over a large test audience, results were inconclusive and neither the female or the male voiceover performed any better.

Eyeview is encouraging those who complete this year's quiz to tweet their results and help spread the word. As part of this, EyeView is giving away 5 Amazon gift certificates ($20 each) every hour for the first 8 hours today only (started at 10am Eastern.)

So - Which resulted in a higher conversion rate - videos with or without auto-play enabled? How much does a video landing page boost conversion vs. a simple picture or graphic?  How do different calls to action within a video affect conversion?  Which launch triggers resulted in a higher click to view percentage?

Try out this year's quiz here. There is no requirement to enter any personal information so just have fun with it.

2010 Video Marketing Quiz   Can You Guess Which Videos Performed Best?

According to Daniel Sevitt, Director of Corporate Communications for EyeView,

"the quiz is a fun way to get marketers thinking about the power of online video to drive conversion optimization as a primary goal and not just an elusive by-product.”

Obviously, as with all the answers, context matters.  In other words, I think that the key takeaway here is to highlight how various implementations can result in drastic differences with regard to performance. It is therefore important for marketers to test which video experiences drive the best performance for their specific target audience.

At the end of the quiz, you will be able to download a five-page PDF file that provides detailed explanations of each answer.  Let us know how you did in the comments section below.  Hopefully all of you get at least 1 answer correct.

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