Do A Happy Dance, The First Godzilla Trailers Are Here

Do A Happy Dance, The First Godzilla Trailers Are Here

Warner Brothers has been teasing us forever about the new Godzilla movie and now the first trailers have been uploaded to YouTube. It's not due to open for another 5 months but I suspect we're going to be subjected to the kind of blanket marketing that would put even Ron Burgundy to shame. The short and hazy trailers for the Gareth Edwards directed film, which stars Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen, give a very brief glimpse into the world of the famous monster and there's a full length trailer on its way later this evening. [Update: full length trailer below].

The videos form part of a viral marketing campaign which includes the launch of a pseudo-serious website, The site is as vague and confusing as the trailers though I suspect real enthusiasts will have worked out what is going on by now. The plot of the movie seems to suggest that world’s best monster (Godzilla, natch) defends humanity against a bunch of malevolent creatures who threaten to destroy us all. Catch a glimpse of the trailers below. The film is due for release around May 2014.

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