Google has for years, been working to develop and perfect certain recognition technologies for use with multimedia (video, images, audio, etc...).  Their speech-to-text recognition technology has improved vastly over the past several years (thanks in part to Google 411) and has been rolled out within YouTube for closed captioning.  That being said, no one could have guessed that they would be far along enough to launch spatial recognition technologies for live video and that such technology would be used in order to improve user experience with Gmail vs. used to digest and index content.

In late 2008, Gmail launched the ability for Gchat users to connect their webcams for video chat.  Today, they have added functionality using spatial recognition to help with motion gestures and the new product is dubbed, Gmail Motion.

"Our bodies did not evolve to sit at a desk in a rigid potion all day and it is my feeling that Gmail Motion will free the regular user from the constraints that modern society and our interface with our machines have put on the human body." - Lorraine Klayman, Environmental Movement Specialist, Nevada Polytechnic College

Gmail Launches Live Video Recognition for Motion Gestures kevin mcdonald "When it comes to email, we still rely on outdated technologies like the keyboard and mouse...  Using your computer's camera, and a spatial tracking algorithm, Gmail Motion interprets physical movement, and turns it into actionable commands." says Paul McDonald, Product Manager for Gmail.

As with any physical activity, there are certain safety precautions.  Google advises that:

  1. Gmail Launches Live Video Recognition for Motion Gestures motion safety First, make sure to clear the area around you.
  2. Second, try to take short breaks every 30-40 minutes, just as you would if you were typing.
  3. And finally, take time to stretch after each session to give the muscles you'll be using some relief.
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I wonder if the'll work to deploy gesturing for basic web search, cause this keyboard thing is sooo OLD :)

*NOTE - This was Gmail's April Fools Joke from last week and was covered all over the net. THIS IS NOT REAL.  You can read more about it here -

  • Mark Robertson

    NICE - Here's the REAL DEAL - and this is NOT a joke. -

  • Craig S. Kiessling

    They got ya, but I don't think you're the only one. Until you click the link to try it out, everything looks legit. I'm guessing there'd be a lot of people writing posts like yours and thought they'd joke ya, and they did.

    • Mark Robertson

      Oh we knew :). I just wrote it as if it were legit :)

      • Nathan Gibbs

        I like ReelSEO for its articles on video SEO. But this post is irresponsible. Either you didn't bother to click and were fooled, or you knew it was fake and posted it as if it were real. Either way, I'm not sure I trust you. This post needs a correction or an update. "Nice job on the April Fool's YouTube" doesn't even make sense.

        • Mark Robertson

          Thanks Nathan - but really - are you kidding? You did watch the video, right? I honestly am not sure how anyone could watch that and still think it was real. I added the nice job at the end (which I dont get why you say it makes no sense) because clearly not everyone is actually looking at it. This was their April Fool's joke and I thought it was a pretty good, and obvious one. I do appreciate the compliment but there is no doubt you can trust me. What would you suggest as far as a way to make this even more clear?

        • Mark Robertson

          I've updated it and I dont know how it could be anymore clear so I hope that helps and I apologize that it got you - of course, that really was the point - it was April Fools :) We are allowed to have fun from time to time I would hope.

        • Christophor Rick

          Probably just bitter as he got burned and bragged to all his friends how cool this will be and how he totally knew this was going to come one day. :D That's usually what sparks that kind of reaction to an obvious April Fool's joke.

          Who would believe such nonsense? Plus SPATIAL is spelled wrong in the article!

        • Christophor Rick

          I mean REALLY:

          To open a message, make a motion as if you were opening an envelope.

          To reply point backward with your thumb (which a non-3D camera setup would be unable to understand mind you)

          To reply all, ditto

          To send a message lick a stamp and place it down...

          Come ON! I can't even watch the video without laughing my ass off.

        • Mark Robertson

          You know Im an aweful speler

        • Nathan Gibbs

          I do have a sense of humor, but I'm not a fan of fake stories. Thanks for adding the update. I appreciate that you took the time to do it.

        • Mark Robertson

          Sure thing. Despite my snarkiness, Im happy that you commented but Im still perplexed how anyone could think it's serious with the video the way it it... I'll certainly keep in mind your opinion for future posts and will try to make it more clear next time.

  • Reggie S

    What a maroon

  • Mark


  • Reyes Eych

    april fools!

  • JeremyScott

    This is awesome. Goodbye keyboard!