Givit Set To Hold Your Flip Videos Forevah!

Givit Set To Hold Your Flip Videos Forevah!

Givit, the consumer cloud service for private, personal video sharing, has cut a deal with Cisco to safeguard all those Flip videos you uploaded to Flipshare before they dropped the ax on the Flip camera. So stop frantically trying to download them all.

Actually, Givit has far more to offer than just that, but that's their big news this week. Flipshare will be closed down in December 2013, and all videos on the service will have a 30 day expiration period from this announcement.  When logging in to FlipShare, users will find a link allowing them to instantly transfer their entire library over to Givit with just one click.

Givit is already available as an app for Android, iOS and on the web and can accept any video format and file size (so they say, I'm going to test with a 9GB file now). Givit is the opposite of some other platforms where all uploads are private by default and you can choose with whom you share your uploads.

From what they tell me:

Videos can be instantly and securely captured, shared and viewed on any device, adaptive to available network / bandwidth speeds for optimal playback.  The service offers a simple and convenient platform for all your personal video content.

Givit iTunes free download:

Givit Android Market free download:

Now, off to test out that 9GB video upload. No, not really...

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    interesting private video sharing.