Sometimes it's difficult to get views from inside the crowded space of YouTube, so looking outside YouTube can sometimes be an effective way to get targeted viewers to your videos from your niche to discover your content.

In this week's Producer Tip video we give you a strategy for how to approach blogs, forums, and other niche websites to help you promote your videos to their readers and audience.

How To Get Views From Outside YouTube

QUESTION: What has worked for you in finding an audience outside YouTube?

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  • Syed Shahid Basha

    As you said it is indeed difficult, sometimes, to get views inside Youtube. I have to look outside Youtube now to get my viewers.

  • Dna Attoh

    thanks for being there.

  • Maria Peagler

    Tim - love the Bob the Builder hat, and I'm amazed you were coherent at 2a.m.! The best way I've found to really get an audience outside of YouTube is to collaborate with others. I did a contest where I partnered with other colleagues and we gave away some cool prizes. That video had an awful lot of views. But most of the time, I find it's my "how-to" videos that really get the most views outside of YouTube. Other than put them on my blog, I can't say I did a lot. They just get found and shared.

  • Danny Vega

    searching for other blogs & forums in your video's niche is such an important way to get your video out! Great tip. When I make club videos or videos form events, I search blogs for anybody who posted a flyer or made a recap post about that event, then provide them a video to go along with it. Most of them end up posting it so they can visually share their experience.

  • Kieran Lee Farr

    Great tips, thanks Tim. A couple more tips building from this list and our experiences with our users:
    - Our users have had a lot of success generating non-YouTube organic traffic through video SEO. Important to have a video sitemap.
    - Our clients who run SaaS products with large video libraries have had success including their video site in the footer of transactional emails. An email like "Password Reset" become much more useful with links to the support category of videos for example (
    - Depending on your content type, we have also had success with our users syndicating content with blog partners using auto-updating widgets. Once the syndicating blog embeds the widget once, you can update it on the fly without having to bother (spam :) the blog owner.

    Creativity is important here, nobody wants to get spammy emails saying include my videos in your site, but if you can offer the right value to the blog or syndicator they should be happy to syndicate quality content.