I'm not sure when we'll stop hearing about "Gangnam Style," but the numbers are so unusually astonishing that we are forced to marvel at what this video has accomplished.  Currently at 1.23 billion views, that's right, it's been watched an additional 230 million times since it hit a billion at the end of last year, you might be wondering how much money has been generated by that video.  Awhile back, I speculated how much a view was worth, and estimated $1 per a thousand views.  So I would have probably estimated $12 million with "Gangnam Style," but it clocks in at $8 million.

PSY's Gangnam Style: A Look at the Multi-Million Dollar Video

Of course, this $8 million could still be based off of Q4 reports, which is where this story came from as media outlets listened in on Google's quarterly earnings call.  So the estimate is probably closer to that $1-per-thousand, but likely a little less.  Of course, there are a number of factors that go into how much a video makes, whether people click on an ad, let a skippable ad play, etc.

Here's the video again:

YouTube has now commemorated the uniquely successful video with a little, animated, dancing PSY icon next to the view count:

Gangnam Style Has Made $8 Million in YouTube Ad Revenue gangnam

Google takes half of the revenue, so PSY has taken home a cool $4 million for this video.  But I have a feeling at least another $4 million is coming his way because the interest "Gangnam Style" generates should push it towards 2 billion views later in the year.  It crossed a billion on December 21, so in a month it has pushed across another quarter billion views.  At that pace it will hit 2 billion by April, which means the video is showing no signs of slowing down.

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We haven't heard the last news about this phenomenon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yaniv.axen Yaniv Axen

    Chris, why do you think Google takes half of the money? If we're talking about pre-roll ads, I would assume Google get $8-$14CPM for these (according to some publications). If PSY gets $1 where is all the rest of the money going?

    • http://www.facebook.com/chris.atkinson.560 Chris Atkinson

      Yaniv, this is what was being reported by all the other media outlets that covered the story. The amount of money, per view, and the amount of money shared with partners, has always been somewhat of a mystery to everyone except those who cash the checks.