“Social Media is Over-Hyped…” Gary Vaynerchuk & the Future of Social Marketing

Social Media is Over Hyped... Gary Vaynerchuk & the Future of Social Marketing

At the recent SXSW show, the New Media Minute caught up with Internet expert and social media impresario Gary Vaynerchuk to discuss how brands and marketers can apply the lessons of his latest book, "The Thank You EconomySocial Media is Over Hyped... Gary Vaynerchuk & the Future of Social Marketing".

Gary states that the biggest lesson for brands and business is that "we are in the calm before the storm."

I think that social media is over-hyped right now and that the ROI is difficult to figure out, but that in 2 or 3 years …"  (watch the rest, that's why we've got the video)

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"The businesses and brands that don't take social seriously – don't realize that the end consumer matters, don't realize that we're building on social equity and word-of-mouth infrastructure … are going to be hurt dramatically."

"I believe social media is about engagement, not 'pushing out.'…  I don't believe in that stuff.  I believe that the 'R.O.I.' is in the actual relationship with the end consumer."

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  • http://twitter.com/patrickallmond Patrick Allmond

    "The Calm Before The Storm".

    Sorry – But few people I know overhype Social Media more than Gary Vaynerchuck. Between phrases like the above one and other ones that people fawn over he states things that are blatantly obvious most of the time. Not to mention he wouldn't be where he is without social media. If it wasn't overhyped he would not be making the money he is, or have the books he has.

  • mcobrien

    Gary is a success story and of course he did it with video and people sharing those videos.
    I get his point. Social media is such a buzzword right now, but does everyone really know what the hell to do with it? It's like this big explosion happening in slow-motion. It will be a few years before the dust settles and 'Social Media' stops being the sensation of the day and we all just use it as a tool to help grow our businesses.

    I think the disconnect is partly in the 'Media' part of Social media. He's right. It is not about traditional media, pushing out. It's the reverse. The hard part is that you can't just whip-up some social media and expect it will magically give you your ROI. You have to make the change internally from the old media model of pushing out to the new media model of relating and sharing. It's a lot harder than most people think. Many just will never get it.

  • http://www.hypnoseberlin.org Hypnose

    I think there's no doubt that social media will just get more and more influential. And yes – it is overhyped by people who don't get it and use it the wrong way.

  • http://twitter.com/mclpro Dave McLoughlin


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