On today's Reel Web, Jason Urgo of SocialBlade and David Stroz from Sonic Orb Studios answers some questions about audience retention over the number of actual views you get on YouTube, benefits to using YouTube to recruit applicants for your company's open job positions, general video advice, and more.

Q: Why is it more important to get audience retention through your whole video more than the number of actual views?

A: YouTube is trying to determine how valuable your video is to a viewer's overall viewing session. Some creators are trying to game the system by having a shorter or longer video thinking that audience retention on one versus the other does better for ranking in search, but YouTube says neither is true. It is better to just focus on making your content engaging so that the video contributes to the viewers' overall viewing time on YouTube as a whole, not just on your video in particular.

Q: YouTube recently announced a new update to their YouTube Editor. Tell us a little more about that.

A: The video editor now lets you actually preview your effects live as you're applying them. In real time, you can see what each filter and tweak will look like while the video plays.

Q:  What are some of the ways that YouTube is helpful for help for recruiting people to your company?

A:  If your company really wants to recruit high quality people, those people will be a little bit more selective in where they work and in the jobs they take. If you have a video showing what your company is all that portrays your personality well, those job postings get many more applicants from high level people and they also tend to be shared much more around the Internet.

Q: A popular video Q&A website to check out is It's currently being used mostly by people who are on YouTube to ask a question for their audience to answer. With a more robust search system just added to their site, how do you think this might affect other Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers?

A: It's still unknown how this could impact other Q&A sites like Yahoo Answer or or if it will have any affect on them at all.

Q:  There have been a variety of articles in the past week saying cable companies might be in trouble. What do you think?

A: The wave of the future is streaming through the internet and a lot more people are cutting the cord so to speak so cable is probably going out. There is a bit of a generational gap, but it's becoming second nature to the younger generation who watches videos on phones all the time.

Q: What is one quick tip about effective use of online video on your website?

A: Allow viewers to full screen the video and don't enable auto play with audio.

QUESTION: What's your experience been like with