Verizon's Interactive Video Sharing Service and Mobile Social Network

Verizons Interactive Video Sharing Service and Mobile Social NetworkFunMobility, a leading provider of innovative wireless community and media services, today announces the launch of America's Best Mobile Flix(TM) (aFLIX), the first interactive video sharing service and mobile social network, on Verizon Wireless. aFLIX will enable Verizon Wireless customers to easily create unique mobile video experiences and share user-generated content with other mobile phone users across multiple carrier networks.

Using aFLIX, Verizon Wireless customers who have phones with video capabilities may share their mobile videos as life happens. Customers can upload videos into categories such as Comedy, Kids Vids, Crazy Pets, Sports Hijinks, and many more, or create a profile with their videos and share public or private messages with other members. Customers can also review, comment, rate and share every video on aFLIX right from their mobile phone. Videos with higher ratings are featured in a special "best videos" category every month, and customers are automatically presented with the highest-rated video they have not yet seen when they open the aFLIX application on their phones.

"Today's mobile consumer demands creative freedom and giving them the tools to generate their own media is the next step in broadening and deepening their mobile experiences," said CEO of FunMobility, Adam Lavine. "aFLIX represents the next evolution of mobile media creation, giving users the ability to point, click, and immediately share their personal videos with millions of others."

"Today's mobile phones give our customers the flexibility and opportunity to create their own media," said Barry Ross, associate director, Digital Media at Verizon. "Our relationship with FunMobility is focused on helping our customers do that, and we're thrilled to offer a greater selection of personalization options and applications like aFLIX, which lets them capture some of their favorite moments on video and share those experiences from almost anywhere."

The FunMobility aFLIX service will run alongside its existing America's Best Mobile Pix application (aPix), FunMobility's popular photo sharing service that generates over 20 million mobile impression votes per month., will power the aFLIX application, which can be downloaded directly from Get it Now or Media Center for a $4.99 subscription. Additionally, aFLIX is available on FunMobility's direct-to-consumer website at

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