Fuel TV Moves To Launch High-Definition Video

Fuel TV Moves To Launch High Definition VideoToday, Move Networks announced a partnership with Fuel TV, the 24/7 action sports lifestyle network, in which Move Networks will provide Fuel TV with its HD streaming video player.  The player debuts on Fuel TV's website with HD versions of "The Great Ride Open.”

This announcement continues upon what has been a very busy few weeks for Move Networks, in which the company has announced partnerships with iStreamPlanet, PermissionTV and the NFL.

Here is the announcement:

FUEL TV, the 24/7 action sports lifestyle network, has launched a new HD streaming video player that features full-length episodes of the network's premium shows in the highest quality video format available on the internet today. The player, created by Move Networks, debuts on FUEL TV's web site with HD versions of "The Great Ride Open" only available at www.fuel.tv.

Over the last five years, FUEL TV has become known for its high-quality action sports programming. With the launch of the full-episode HD video player at www.fuel.tv, the network further solidifies its leadership position and gives its online audience the opportunity to sample the network. The exclusive availability of premium content at www.fuel.tv also offers viewers a new way to access FUEL TV's award-winning programming. In addition to watching the entire second season of "The Great Ride Open" at www.fuel.tv, by mid December viewers will also be able to watch other HD quality premium shows such as the 2006, 2007 and 2008 "Oakley Arctic Challenge."

"FUEL TV is the only television network dedicated to action sports," says Gene Pao, FUEL TV Vice President of New Media and International Development. "Now FUEL TV will be the first place consumers can watch full-length HD action sports shows online. The quality of the viewing experience is really unmatched anywhere online in the action sports world."

Upcoming full episode launches on www.fuel.tv include "The Standard Snowboard Show," "Firsthand," "FUEL TV presents Camp Woodward," "Stupidface," "New Pollution" and "Thrillbillies." The full-length episodes will only be available on the web site for a limited time and new series will be added in a timely fashion.

Move Network's HD streaming player offers a clear picture with no buffering or stalling. Viewers will have fast-forward and rewind navigations of their favorite FUEL TV shows. One of the unique features of the player is that viewers will be able to share full episodes or shorter clips of their favorite shows with friends. Episodes will have short pre-roll commercials at the beginning and during regular advertising breaks.

"FUEL TV brings viewers into the action," says John Edwards, CEO of Move Networks. "Providing internet audiences with a similar, high-quality television experience gives viewers a new way to experience the action, and offers FUEL TV a new way to increase overall viewership." The HD streaming player by Move Networks is already being used by other television network web sites such as FOX.com, FXNeworks.com, ABC.com, and ESPN360.com.

Full-length episodes of many of FUEL TV's shows have been and will continue to be available for free viewing on Hulu.com and through paid download on iTunes.

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