The New Frontier for IPads and EReaders - Media Minute

We just posted a fairly critical overview of the iPad after its announcement and I think this week's New Media Minute offers a compelling reason why the iPad may actually succeed.

The comic business is estimated to be a $1 billion business annually but it's one of the few media forms that hasn't yet fully transitioned to the digital world. That may change with the coming influx of Apple iPads and sexy new eReaders. The business of digital comics is also one TV networks are already starting to leverage, including Starz, which created a motion comic for its popular new original TV series Spartacus. Check out this week's New Media Minute.

I think that I'm starting to be a bit more open with regard to the iPad, even despite its lack of video functionality (although I imagine it will be added soon enough.) Last week, I was listening to Daisy's friend, Leo Laporte of on a local station (KFI 640AM) and he referred to the iPad as "A great media consumption device." Similar to the iPad, I suppose it is and I think that Leo offered the best description of the iPad's main value proposition at this point.

I'm still not getting one until they cater somewhat to the creative side of me. I would like a device that lets records video among other things.

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