World’s First Free Content Delivery Network

World’s First Free Content Delivery NetworkNew Velocix Accelerator service includes 500GB free monthly delivery allowance worth $8,000 per yearVelocix™, provider of the world's leading Digital Asset Delivery Network, today announced the availability of its revolutionary new FREE Velocix Accelerator digital delivery service.

The new service is aimed at the growing and vibrant community of entrepreneurs and new start-up ventures, as well as larger organizations looking to distribute rich media such as video, music, games and software on-line. To be successful, these ventures need help from a global digital delivery partner to ensure that their website visitors receive a high quality consumer experience when downloading content, viewing videos or simply browsing web pages from anywhere in the world.

"Velocix Accelerator is already helping the brightest and most innovative get their on-line rich media offerings off the ground," said Phill Robinson, CEO at Velocix. "With our help, these new ventures are able to offer high performance, rich media website destinations to their growing audiences around the world, for free. Velocix is committed to disrupting the traditional CDN marketplace with breakthrough delivery performance, economics and control. Our Velocix Accelerator service exceeds this commitment in every respect, and turns the CDN sector on its head."

The new offering includes a 500GB per month delivery allowance for file download, video progressive streaming and website acceleration services - all provided at no charge.

Craze Productions is a 100% digital record label, specializing in pushing music into various digital domains. Their catalogs include exclusive rights to songs and videos from the world's top artists. Craze Productions were one of the first to introduce their music video channels on the recently launched Adobe Media Player (AMP).

"Velocix is helping us deliver our music content, through AMP and other digital outlets, to audiences around the world," said Uri Levanon, Head of Technology at Craze Productions. "With Velocix Accelerator, we've taken a big step forward a lot sooner than we had planned, extending the reach of our high quality services from our home territories into international markets."

Fifzine is an innovative new online destination for the creative, cultural and commercial worlds and is aimed at everyone who is interested in viewing, creating, sharing and commercially developing the best in creative content. Fifzine is currently beta testing this community, with a goal of providing a platform for creativity, in audio, written, still or moving forms.

"We are delighted to be early users of the Velocix Accelerator digital delivery service," said Alan Wogan, Managing Director at Fifzine. "Our technical partner, Saviso Consulting was impressed at how easy it was to get started as all they needed to do was provide our website address and, within minutes, our content was being accelerated via Velocix to a worldwide community of creative's."

Uploaded.TV is a next generation social network where users can appear on TV and buy airtime as easily as booking an airline ticket.

"Velocix Accelerator is perfect for our needs right now as we build our audience and drive awareness and adoption of our unique business model," said Adam Urban, CEO at Uploaded.TV. "Our users around the world are already benefiting from Velocix with uninterrupted video playback, and a highly responsive Uploaded.TV website."

Velocix offers the broadest and most innovative range of digital delivery services available today. The company's global network provides a digital fast lane for delivery of digital assets like video, music, software and games. This means that high quality streamed video plays uninterrupted from start to finish and file downloads complete without failure in a fraction of the time.

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