YouTube Star Freddie Wong Making Feature Length Film, "Video Game High School"

YouTube Star Freddie Wong Making Feature Length Film, Video Game High School

Freddie Wong released a new video on his YouTube Channel today with a few important announcements for his fans, including a location-submission form and a contest update. But the biggest announcement was saved for last: Freddie and his partner will soon begin production on their first independent feature length film entitled Video Game High School.

A Freddie Wong Feature Length Film

Freddie says the number one comment they receive from fans is something along the lines of, "You guys have to make a full length movie!" He then reveals they've already been working on the story and script, and hope to do just that. They're starting production in October, and eyeing a release date in early 2012 for Video Game High School, which... if you know anything about Freddie's videos... is the most perfect-sounding "freddie" movie title ever.

Here's the video of the big announcement:

In just the past couple weeks, I've probably had three or four conversations or email discussions about Freddie where I've said, "That guy is going to have a career making movies some day." I just didn't realize the day would be so soon. I actually meant that one day Hollywood will come calling for a guy with as much charisma and talent (and fans) as he has.

But instead of a big Hollywood deal, it looks like Freddie's first full-length feature film will be done on his own, independent-style. Which is fitting. He's proven already time and again that he has pretty much all the gear and talent he needs to make a top-quality video product.

My gut? It'll be awesome, and fans will love it. And it will get millions of views. Whatever Video Game High School is about (one has to assume it means video game references and action in a high school setting), it'll be catnip for Freddie's fans.

But even if you're not a fan of Freddie's work, it's an important milestone for online video. If Freddie can make movies--whether on his own or with Hollywood studios, or both--it further cements the notion of YouTube as a talent finder... career launcher... and star maker.

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  • Peter Dulimov


    Freddie is cool, but there are others. Do you know about Ryan Koo's project on KickStarter? Here's less than 24 hrs from being set to make a much higher quality film than Freddie can make. You should give him a plug to help him get over the line...