Flixya - Video Sharing Network That Gives All Revenue To Users.

Geez, it is so impossible to stay up to date with all the various video sharing and video searching websites.

I just found out about this video sharing website, Flixya.com...

Flixya is a social video sharing and networking website that gives its users 100% of the revenue generated from their videos.  There are a few sites that give revenue back to members.  I think this is the first to pay all of it to users.

Here is an announcement from Flixya about this program which earns revenue from Google's adsense network program and gives it all back to the members of flixya.

Below is a screenshot of their Homepage (9/15/07):

Flixya   Video Sharing Network That Gives All Revenue To Users.

The CEO, Adam Oliver, spent several years at Stubhub, which is a very popular site to buy and sell concert tickets, broadway, and sports tickets. They have been around for years and have been quite successful.

"Our belief is that the true value of social networking is the community, and we continue to strive to promote member ownership with our platform," said Adam Oliver, CEO and Flixya co-founder. "Working with Google provides an effective and relevant method of monetizing member content. By rewarding the community of contributing members at 100%, we feel Flixya represents the second generation of social networking and raises the bar by setting the standard for the future of online social responsibility."Here is a partial list of some of the features offered on Flixya's 2.0 platform:

  • 100 Percent of all google Adsense revenue back to members
  • Ratings and voting with digg-style up/down syste.
  • User profiles to share and network with friends, other memebers.
  • Users can upload and share videos, their personal interests, blog posts, and photos.
  • Easy to use extended video syndication to other video sites.
  • Tools for customizing html of pages.
  • Unlimited photo/image hosting and uploading.

Future enhancements:

  • Mobile functionality and features
  • Ability to create private groups
  • Geo-tagging
  • Video and other media storage widgets
  • Facebook API
  • Automatic Ad optimization

I have not signed up for the site yet but it would be great to hear from others how their experience has been. Please let me know what you think of this site.

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  • Rick

    Neat site. I like how they are thinking outside the box and giving back to the community. Its hard to believe how other social networks fail to reward its members. I'd like to see more of these sites online.