Benjamin Wayne of Fliqz On The Importance of Video SEO

Online video solutions provider Fliqz has just launched a new search engine optimization service for its customers along with a whitepaper all about hosted video SEO.  We caught up with Benjamin Wayne, the CEO of Fliqz, at the Online Video Platform Summit and asked him to talk a bit about their new focus on video SEO.  

Why Focus on Video SEO?

As to why Fliqz believes that video SEO is important, Ben tells us that:

"...Video SEO has been sort of the neglected gold-mine in the online space in terms of - It's incredibly effective, very few companies do it at all, and most of those that are trying to do it aren't doing it correctly, or they're doing it with video platforms that drive traffic to the platform, instead of the publisher's space.  At a time where more and more online publishers are trying to  figure out how do they justify video and what's the real ROI in terms of their video initiates, SEO offers them a real opportunity to take their video assets and use them in a way that contributes to the bottom line in the business."

A Few Tips for Hosted Video SEO

I spoke with Ben about their video SEO whitepaper prior to this interview.  It was clear in speaking with Ben that they had spent a good amount of time testing techniques to make certain that their video SEO product offering would work.  In our video above, Ben talks about a few of the things that they found as a result of their testing:

  • Google video sitemaps are crucial for indexing.
  • Robots.txt file needs to allow googlebot to crawl and index your video content and landing page URLs.
  • Google seems to be giving overwhelming  priority to the title of the video and the match of that title to the page title.
  • In thinking about the title of your video, it is important that you think about the keywords that you are trying to drive traffic against.

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