Video Hosting Platform Finds Success With Video SEO

Video Hosting Platform Finds Success With Video SEO VIDEO SEO Whitepaper by Fliqz Online video hosting platform provider Fliqz has tasted the sweet, sweet taste of video SEO and has launched a free whitepaper (see below) and a new service for it's customers.  Fliqz is calling this new video SEO service "SearchSuccess", and it's aimed at helping drive more traffic to the customer's video landing pages instead of merely generating views and rankings through distribution and syndication strategies.

In conjunction with the launch of this new service, Fliqz has also made available to ReelSEO readers, a free video SEO whitepaper for hosted video available here.

As founder of ReelSEO, it is obviously exciting for me to see that a leading online video hosting provider like Fliqz has begun to dive deep into video SEO. It indicates to me that customers of Fliqz are interested in the opportunity that exists to gain a competitive edge in the SERPs with video and it helps to validate our focus here at ReelSEO.

Here's what their CEO, Benjamin Wayne, says about the new service:

"It's become obvious that Google has prioritized video over all other forms of content, including text and images. This reflects our television-centric world, but there are not a lot of videos, relatively speaking, in Google's index yet. That is largely because Google cannot discover video on its own.”

It's an interesting concept in that SearchSuccess doesn't submit the video to YouTube or other video sharing websites, but rather to Google via the Webmaster Tools interface. With this, the idea is that thumbnail results within Google Universal Search, will drive traffic back to the source of the video content, rather than to sites like YouTube.

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Fliqz claims that early tests resulted in:

"…more than two-thirds of all videos submitted (to SearchSuccess) produce a first-page Google search result, and up to 25 percent have resulted in a number one Google ranking.”

In this day and age of universal search and search results that are customized by location, browsing history, and search history… "first-page" Google rankings are not what impresses me and in reality, those rankings are really more under the control of the customer - dependent upon the customer's own website, and the keywords that they choose.

However, what does impresses me is that Fliqz has worked hard to offer a service whereby videos that are hosted on their platform, will be indexed within search engines like Google, who's results will drive traffic directly to the client's URL and not the URL of the hosting provider.  Getting videos indexed in the first place, especially those that are hosted outside a websites' main domain, is more difficult to achieve and is a huge step in the right direction.

SearchSuccess is an add-on to the top-of-the-line Gold package Fliqz has been offering at $499 a month. The new SearchSuccess is an additional $250 which might be out of the ballpark for some businesses, but hey, it is worth it if you ask me.

You can learn more about SearchSuccess and dont forget, if you would like a copy of the video SEO whitepaper, you canrequest your copy here.

  • SandraMillhouse

    Video SEO? Sounds interesting. I remember people talking about image SEO last year and how that's important for on page optimization.
    Sandra @ VPS Servers

  • vidiSEO

    A very interesting white paper, but don't let it completely scare you away from YouTube either.
    Check out this line:

    "Marketers should also be aware that content uploaded to YouTube becomes the property of Google, and that by contributing content to Google, they are ceding all copyright to that work."

    Come on !

    A quick trip to the YouTube Terms page shows the following:

    "For clarity, you retain all of your ownership rights in your User Submissions."

    Sure, you grant YouTube some rights when you upload your video content, but those all go away if you remove your video.

    Marketers should be aware that by participating in Search Success, they loose all rights to $750 a month.

    • Mark Robertson

      ;-) I Would prefer to see it as part of their main offering, but I understand there is a need, a desire, and a strong value to the service.

      There are some very strong reasons to host video outside of YouTube, through a hosting provider. Keep in mind that there are many organizations that need control over branding, monetization, copyrights, etc... As for the copyright issue, I believe that you are ceding a good amount of your rights, but I also think that for most of us, that doesnt matter. The biggest reason that I am a fan of hosted video SEO, is that it drives traffic directly to your site, not YouTube. I still believe that it is important to submit videos to YouTube when you can, just due to the fact that they have all the eyeballs for video.