Flimp Web Video Platform for Leadership Marketing

Flimp Web Video Platform for Leadership MarketingFlimp Media, announced today the release of its patent pending FLIMP® web video marketing and analytics solution for corporate leadership marketing and communications.

The FLIMP® technology enables marketers and communicators to quickly create, distribute and track interactive video microsites for promoting all types of leadership communications for promoting events, speaking engagements, books, and webcasts without any programming or technical skills. These self tracking videosites, which can be delivered by email or weblinks to target audiences, collect detailed viewer engagement and response data by individual email address.

FLIMP has been used to promote events and books for executive leadership conferences and speakers such as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith and Marcus Buckingham with outstanding results.

Visit http://www.flimp.net/usesandexamples.php to see client examples and case studies.

"FLIMP was easy to use and the quality and clarity of the video was excellent. I was able to reach my audience in a much more personal and engaging way than if we had used HTML email," said Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. "I am convinced that using video is much more powerful than using static print and email marketing and FLIMP makes it easy to do without getting into a big expensive marketing project. There is no question that using video content with the ability to track viewer responses will have a big impact on the future of event marketing and leadership communications.”

FLIMP, which stands for Flash Interactive Marketing Platform is particularly effective for one to one event and author marketing applications where audiovisual content and detailed viewer tracking and reporting are important" according to Wayne Wall, FMI's founder and CEO. "No other online marketing application tracks and reports video viewer engagement, response and viral activity by individual email address.”

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