Flickr Officially Launched Video Sharing Today

Flickr Officially Launched Video Sharing Today

Yahoo today announced that its online photo site, Flickr, is now be expanding into the world of online video as well. According to the San Francisco Chronicle today, subscribers to Flickr can now post short videos as well as photographs and other images.

With Google's YouTube leading the pack Yahoo is struggling to catch up and they seem more determined now to continue fighting and trying to gain ground on their major competitors like SnapFish and SmugMug who already provide users with online space for videos. Currently Flickr is only allowing Pro Account Users to upload videos, but all users can watch the clips.

This looks to be a pilot project as videos are limited to a short 90 seconds as opposed to the 10 minutes of YouTube and the unspecified limit of Google Video. Flickr states they do not want to lose their photo-centric fan base and are specifically looking to gather up 'authentic' video. What that really means remains to be seen, however the site will not accept commercial or entertainment-oriented videos which need to be sent to Yahoo Video.

The videos and the pages they are displayed on will hold no advertisements in accordance with Flickr's ad-free policy for paid users. Users can choose whether a video is to be public or private as with other sites.

It looks as if Flickr is hoping to grab the niche 'video artist' market as they did with the photography market. Users of Flickr are generally savvier in the technology and techniques of photography and perhaps this is the same demographic they are looking for with their new video features as well. It would seem as if they are trying to get people talking more about the effects, techniques and the hardware of the videos than the actual content since they are only 90 seconds long at the most.

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