Video Marketing and Fair Use EBook – Discount for ReelSEO Readers!

Video Marketing and Fair Use EBook – Discount for ReelSEO Readers!Media Mogul Daisy Whitney today released her eBook: Keeping You and Your Content Out of Court: A guide to understanding the Fair Use Doctrine in the digital media age. This eBook is being touted as a "must-read for media producers," and is now available for immediate download.

To get a 10% discount on this book, visit The New Media Minute eBooks section and enter the promo code "reelseo.” ReelSEO recent did a podcast interview with Daisy, and a video interview at the recent adtech San Francisco conference.

Fair Use – one of the most critical issues for online video professionals understand

Daisy writes in her book's introduction:

"When the copyright doctrine of fair use was established in 1976 you pretty much had to own a printing press to be in a position to violate copyright. Now in 2009 with the free-wheeling world of YouTube, camera cell phones and consumer-gener­ated content, virtually anyone who makes a video, snaps a photo or creates a podcast risks infringing on copyright. Even a mom videotaping her kids eating breakfast while music plays in the background can get sued (and such a mom did get sued).

But when it comes to Internet video, documentaries, Web shows, podcasts, photography, blogging and journalism, nobody has to be sued if they understand the guidelines. To stay out of court requires a thorough understanding of the copyright doctrine surrounding fair use. Fair use is one of the most critical issues for the new generation of content producers to understand.”

eBook Table of Contents & Topics

The following is an overview of the topics you can expect to find in the eBook. Some are actual headings, others are more of overall subject matter:

  • Why Fair Use Matters
  • Why Fair Use is an art, not a science
  • Fair Use: A Sword or Shield
  • What Is Fair Use?
  • Factors determining Fair Use analysis
  • Fair Use court cases (and resolutions)
  • The Four-Point Test in judging Fair Use
  • Parody vs. Satire
  • How much is too much (to take)?
  • What attracts attention (for legal action)
  • Is News Exempt?
  • Criticism in Video
  • Rights, Responsibilities, and Ethics

Throughout the eBook are tips, citings of actual court cases, and easy-to-follow examples for all professional types on applying Fair Use in online video production, publication and marketing.

For more coverage on Fair Use and Daisy's book, also check out my other ReelSEO article: "Fair Use" in Online Video Marketing – The Daisy Whitney Interview.

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