We've talked a lot at ReelSEO about Facebook video marketing and video apps, so it was only a matter of time before we combined all the options into one big list. So here you go, our ReelSEO Show Reel of Facebook Video Apps, with a myriad ways you can integrate video into your own Facebook Pages!

Driven by a singular goal to corner the market on this info, yet not so driven that we're bothering to do our own review and testing of every Facebook video app out there, I've put together a list of video apps that I think are beneficial for your Facebook video marketing needs.

Our description length for each video app can run from super-short phrase to a long paragraph. The original copy right from their respective Facebook pages is what has been included. I've done my best to create a comprehensive list excluding those that didn't work or had awful reviews - yes, I tested every one of them. Also - I have included some apps that I think you would want to know about but that are not necessarily for Facebook pages and I have indicated those as such.

I've organized the list reverse-alphabetical order (not because I don't believe in some favoritism, but because I simply want to play with your mind) and have broken them down into the following categories:

Facebook Video Apps for YouTube Videos & Channels

The following is a list of Facebook video apps for YouTube that allow for adding YouTube videos and in particular, YouTube Channels to your Facebook page. There are a ton here, but my favorites would be "YouTube Channels" and the North Social apps.

YouTube Video Box

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages video box Share YouTube videos. Facebook Page owners can send existing YouTube videos out to all their fans in just a few simple steps.

YouTube Tab

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages youtube tab Display your Youtube videos as a Tab within your Facebook Pages. From Tabfusion.com. There are quite a few negative reviews but enough people using it successfully to mention it. I tested it out and it worked for me.

YouTube Tab Channel & Playlists

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages best youtube channels Best YouTube tab channel and playlist lets Facebook Page admins install a YouTube tab which shows 48 videos from a channel or playlist. You also have the ability to change the background.

YouTube Channels

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages facebook video youtube channels Synchronize a YouTube channel. This is the one that we use on the ReelSEO Facebook Page (see pictured above) - under the tab - "YouTube."

North Social Video Player

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages video player Very simple Facebook app from NorthSocial to Display a large single video player that you can embed from YouTube. (Read our review of North Social here)

North Social Video Channel (AKA - Video Premier)

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages video channel Embed an entire YouTube channel into your Facebook page with powerful "like to view" and social commenting features.

Involver YouTube App For Pages

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages youtube for pages Create a YouTube channel as a tab on your Facebook page. Deliver video directly to your social networks by incorporating your YouTube channel as a tab on your Facebook page. I've tried this one and it is great but Im not thrilled about the amount they want to charge to use the premium version.

Facebook Apps for Vimeo

The following is a list of Facebook video apps for Vimeo videos that allows you to showcase your vimeo videos on your Facebook profiles and Pages.

Vimeo Tab

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages vimeo tab Display your Vimeo videos as a Tab within your Facebook Pages. From Tabfusion.com, not an official Vimeo developed application.

Vimeo Facebook Page Tab

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages vimeo facebook app Vimeo Tab lets you display your Vimeo videos in a tab on your Facebook pages. This is an official Vimeo developed application.

Vimeo Facebook Connect

The Definitive List of Facebook Video Apps for Facebook Pages vimeo facebook connect Official Facebook Connect application for video sharing website, Vimeo. You can customize a Vimeo widget to Facebook as embed code. So when you upload a new video to Vimeo, your widget will update automatically and feature all of your Vimeo video on your Facebook Page. This is an official Vimeo developed application.

Facebook Live Video Streaming & Broadcasting Apps

The following is a list of Facebook video apps that allow you to broadcast live video and stream it to your Facebook fans, followers, whatever you want to call them.


Vpype Live Broadcaster allows anyone to broadcast live interactive shows to the millions of users on Facebook. The application can be added to your profile or brand page so you can share your shows with friends and fans.


Fully integrated Ustream tab on Facebook Profile is customized and developed by Ustream, and live player resides on Ustream.com as well as on the Facebook Profile. Users can interact with hosts and each other via Facebook Live Stream Box, in addition to chat and Social Stream (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace & AIM) on the Ustream.com Show Page.


Calls themselves "the largest live streaming social network on the Web." App lets you broadcast your live video to Facebook. You can add the Stickam player to your profile page or fan page to interact with your friends or fans live. The app is also integrated fully with Facebook chat.


Mobile video service that utilizes Facebook Connect for video uploads. This application adds your Qik.com LIVE channel to your profile. Qik account holders can stream live video from their mobile phone to your profile box. Once you have streamed live using Qik, your videos are instantly uploaded to your Facebook video collection. You can then proceed to tag, share and comment on the videos from Facebook as you would with any other Facebook photo or video. You even have the option to update your Facebook status and post a one-line story on your wall. This is not an official app from Qik.


Broadcast LIVE video to your friends or the whole world from a computer or mobile. Watch other people broadcasting their web camera, conferences, shows or movies.

My Ustream

My Ustream is a simple to use application that allows you to display your Ustream.tv feed directly on your Facebook profile or page. This is not an official app from Ustream.tv.


Free app for streaming live video from Livestream.com on Internet and to mobile devices, and to fans on Facebook pages.


Stream live video from your Justin.tv account to your Facebook page. Can also add a Justin.TV tab to your Facebook page.

Live (by Justin.tv)

Live is the first free application that allows you to broadcast live video to the world with just a few clicks. We give you all the tools you need to produce and stream your very own live content, then send it out to Facebook and Justin.tv.

Facebook Video Chat & Video Calling Apps

The following is a list of Facebook video apps that allow for either video chatting with other Facebook users and/or video conference calling capabilities.


(Suggested by friend-of-ReelSEO Mari Smith): Live video chat to an audience. You can also launch a webcast at any time (or scheduled time) to your fans and the app then posts an announcement on your wall. The app can hold up to 300 viewers with a live chat alongside your webcam broadcast. You can easily record and archive your shows; and include the full chat transcript, too. Plus, you can even download the FLV file of your shows. The app tab is aptly named "Shows.”

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Claims to be the largest chat service on Facebook. While they have a random video chat feature, you can also private 1-on-1 video chats with your Facebook friends. When it comes to personal video calling, all of your Facebook friends are listed separately with their online status and webcam availability. You can just click on the Call button to initiate a video chat or use the unique URL to invite people to the sessions. (Read our review of vChatter here)

uniRow Video Calling (not for pages)

Group video calling and messaging to Facebook. Talk face-to-face with up to 3 persons in a video conference call.

Tinychat Video Chatroom

Video chat room software (video conferencing). Tinychat provides dead simple, free to use, video chat rooms that just work! Enjoy chatting with your friends or making new ones, just create a chat room or join one.

Rounds Video Chat (not for pages)

Allowing people to share experiences (such as watching YouTube videos or photos) on video chat simultaneously, as if they were in the same room.

onConference (not for pages)

Allows individuals & businesses to meet face-to-face. Very simple and straightforward. No flashy menus or interactive features. Once you allow the app to access your account, a unique URL is assigned for your video conferencing session. When your friends join you, there also is an option to chat with them via text in addition to regular audio and video channels from your webcam and microphone.

Custom-Cam for Facebook

Instant Video Chat with Facebook Friends. Allows you to engage your customers using video, audio, and text chat. No need to download or install anything. From www.customer-cam.com.

Video Apps For Aggregation and Sharing

The following is a list of Facebook video apps that let you discover and/or share videos from around the web on your Facebook page.


Share your favorite videos from Myspace, YouTube, Google, Daily Motion, Comedy Central, The Onion and over 1000 other web sites with your friends on Facebook.

Virality (not for pages)

Organize and share videos with friends and see what videos your friends on Facebook are enjoying.

Magnify.net (not for pages)

Magnify.net lets you discover, organize, and share your favorite videos from across the web on your Facebook profile. Quickly find your YouTube favorites and the videos you've uploaded to other services, or upload directly to your channel.

Metacafe (not for pages)

The Metacafe Facebook application allows you to watch, rate and share your favorite Metacafe videos with your friends.

iMediaShare Video Sharing App (not for pages)

iMediaShare is a mobile app that allows one-click wireless sharing of multimedia files between smart-phones and DLNA-enabled TV, PS3 and Xbox360. It enables you to view all your mobile video and photos or all your images stored in Facebook.

ClipBlast (not for Pages)

The ClipBlast app includes video from across the web plus content from Hulu so you can watch TV episodes, movies and the most comprehensive source of video on the web. With this app, you can search for videos, organize them into favorites, and add them to your Facebook profile.

Misc Facebook Video Apps

VideoBloom's My Videos

This application allows VideoBloom account holders to add their videos, widgets, players and playlists to a single tab on their fan/business pages and to their profiles.

Viddler For Facebook

Viddler is a fresh, creative web application that lets you upload, enhance, and share digital video quickly and easily inside your web browser. On Facebook, you can share your Viddler videos and you can also upload or record brand new videos to send to all your friends.


For TurnHere.com account holders. Place your TurnHere video on your Facebook Profile or Fan Page for playback there.

Truveo Video Search (not for Pages)

Truveo's Facebook Application enables users to search and to browse Truveo's database of more than 600 million videos across thousands of channels directly within Facebook.

SocialCam Mobile Video App

Socialcam is a new mobile video application coming to both iPhone and Android. This is supposed to have a Facebook app from what I hear, but isnt launching till March 2011, you can sign up for an invite here.


SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations. Upload your presentations, documents, PDFs, add mp3 audio to make webinars or embed Youtube videos into them. You can also import your SlideShare.net presentations into Facebook.


Post video via email from your Posterous account to your Facebook page. (Includes both links and files of video.)

Pixorial Video

This one is really cool. Pixorial is a free video editing and video sharing service that makes it easy to send, upload, edit, organize and share your videos – from anywhere, to anywhere. Upload video, edit video, and add music to your videos and share video -- without leaving Facebook.

HD Video Uploader App

Upload HD video from your iPhone4 to your Facebook page. (Note: iPhone 4 let you record and edit HD video, but cannot upload HD video. This app claims to fix that.)

Facebook's Own Video App

This is Facebook's own video application. Facebook Video provides a high-quality video platform for people and pages on Facebook. With Video, you can upload video files, send video from your mobile phone, and record video messages to your friends. Facebook Video supports higher quality video and audio than most video-sharing sites. Plus, each video you publish has per-video privacy so you can restrict who can see it. Videos can also be tagged and commented on.

Blip.tv Video Show Player (not for Pages)

This application allows blip.tv to update Facebook when you post new blip.tv video episodes to your show page. It would be nice if they also had an application for Facebook pages, but I can not find one.

Wrapping-Up. Did I Miss Any Good Ones?

Some of these apps are free and others require either a one-time purchase or subscription. If you want more info before trying them out, I'd suggest looking at the reviews on the respective Facebook app pages or conduct a Google search with the name of the video app, including the keyword "review”.

What about you? Have you tried any other Facebook video apps that you would recommend? How about for the various video platforms (I cant find any except Viddler?)Have you had any experience with the apps listed in this post? If so, please let us know in the comments area below.

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    There also seem to be several relatively new free or freemium Facebook apps out there as well for Vimeo and YouTube such as: 
    Just starting to play around with them. Anyone have any experience with them?

  • BrettSnelgrove

    Thanks for the article mark, found it very useful.
    There also seem to be several relatively new free or freemium Facebook apps out there as well for Vimeo and YouTube such as: 
    Just starting to play around with them. Anyone have any experience with them?

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    trueGOD.tv has 2 videos apps, one allows for videos to be embedded in Facebook. The other allows scheduled shows or live events to be broadcast in Facebook. Both are free. Membership is free. Content is restricted to Christian only content.

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    FB Video Player:
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