In a week of tinkering by Facebook, it's a H/T to Dashburst who seem to be the first to spot auto-play news feed videos on the social network. They've rolled out the feature to some mobile users but concerns regarding intrusion have delayed the introduction of ads on the desktop version of the site, even though Facebook were keen to have them in place ready for the run up to the holiday season. However, it looks like they might be doing a little testing with regards to their inevitable introduction.

Dashburster Lauren noticed three auto-play videos in her news feed yesterday, all active but silent until the play button was clicked. Each auto-play enabled video was about 6 seconds long, longer videos didn't have this feature, and it looks like they were user-generated content rather than branded. One of the videos came from Instagram but the other two were direct uploads to the site. Whether Facebook roll out auto-play on super short-form ads remains to be seen, but for the those brands already experimenting with Vine, the time limit shouldn't be an issue.

I'm not seeing this feature in my news feed but let us know if any of you are, and if you are noticing the same kind of video length.

Are Facebook Testing AutoPlay Videos In Desktop News Feeds? facebook auto play videos desktop newsfeed 606x326


  • James Schipper

    Seeing it in my feed (laptop). It silently autoplays any video uploaded directly to Facebook as it appears on the scroll through the feed. It pauses when you scroll past it, but it appears to keep buffering each one regardless. No setting to turn off autoplay that I can find. It wasn't doing it earlier today.

    Oh, and each video I'm seeing is several minutes long, and will both buffer and autoplay through the whole video, not just 6 seconds.

    • Carla Marshall

      Interesting - thanks for the feedback James!