Facebook Marketing Executive Offers Tips For Using Video Effectively

Facebook Marketing Executive Offers Tips For Using Video Effectively

Video can help a brand stand out on Facebook and draw more fans. The New Media Minute asked Jennifer Kattula, head of agency marketing at Facebook, how brands small and large can best use video on the social site. Here are her tips and best practices in this exclusive interview with Daisy Whitney and the New Media Minute. Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Blip.tv video.

We recently had the chance to do an exclusive interview at Facebook. We talked to Jennifer Kattula, she's the head of Agency Marketing at Facebook. And she basically interfaces with brands, media agencies, advertising agencies, to help them do better on Facebook. And she shared with us some of her best practices for how to use video effectively on Facebook.

Creating A Presence On Facebook

The first thing we do when we talk to an agency, a brand, a small business, a local business… is create a page, right? That page is the conduit between you and the people on Facebook.

Build Your Community

"You build your community through really engaging and interesting content. There's a ton of best practices out there, but one of the things that really works well is video."

Make Video Look Compelling

"We recommend that you don't put text or logos in the video. It really should look like an action shot. And then have some compelling text next to it. The other thing to keep in mind is that when you do embed video on the page you can actually promote that video through video ads and sponsored stories."

Examples Of Brands Succeeding With Facebook Video

"Old Spice Man – Those videos were incredibly successful and were run as video ads, and then completely went viral through the news feed and on the Old Spice page.

Nike Write The Future – Nike actually launched a trailer to the World Cup to their Facebook fans first. And it completely went viral… and they launched it even before the television commercials came out."

Connect With The People

"You actually have to have a connection with the people that you're trying to reach, and you can do that through a lot of different ways. You can run ads to acquire fans, posting really interesting comments–sometimes questions work really well… Like I said, videos, images work really well.

Sometimes making your fans the stars can actually create more fans. And then amplifying that through advertising–Like Ads are great, they show friends in the ads–and sponsored stories can really help as well."

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