Facebook Autoplay Video Ads Pushed Back To 2014

Facebook Autoplay Video Ads Pushed Back To 2014

Those user experience issues must be proving more troublesome than originally thought as Facebook are rumoured to have pushed back their video ad roll out yet again. According to AllThingsD, the company have told advertising partners not to expect any movement until 2014 as they still work on the integration into the Facebook news feed without overly annoying their 1.15 Billion subscribers. The video ads will still come with an autoplay feature but without sound, which users can turn on themselves, if they are so inclined.

Facebook video ads are rumoured to come with a $2 million per day price tag for advertisers but with an enviably active demographic of millennials the rewards are endless. With the rumoured delay, brands will miss out on the holiday season shopping frenzy that will take place every where else on the net. The ads were originally intended for launch back in the summer and have been stalled several times.

Facebook have declined to comment.

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  • Dave Holland

    I also think they have to consider what Google have done with the Skip This Ad option in True View. I'll be shocked if their user testing isn't saying this is what we want.