EyeWonder - New Video Ad Format With 360-Degree Viewing Experience

EyeWonder   New Video Ad Format With 360 Degree Viewing ExperienceEyeWonder, Inc., a leading innovator in interactive digital advertising technologies and services, today announced an exclusive partnership with spherical video technology company Immersive Media Corp. (TSXV: IMC) ("IMC"). This union empowers advertisers, agencies and publishers to incorporate 360-degree viewing capabilities into their interactive digital advertising campaigns.

"This technology infuses video advertising with a whole new perspective --- literally," said Mike Griffin, EyeWonder's Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development. "As the leading provider of meaningful video innovations, EyeWonder is always looking for new products and services that drive value and results for our clients. With Immersive Media's technology, users can engage with the video and select any angle for 360-degree viewing, so they'll be able to see a different perspective every time they view the ad. We're pleased to be the only interactive digital advertising provider currently able to offer our clients this option through Immersive Media."

To experience and interact with Immersive Media's 360-degree video technology, try this example below.

Immersive Media's technology became widely recognized through Google Maps' Street View application. In addition to video mapping, IMC recently powered an online spot for Mercedes-Benz that received the Catalyst Award for "Best Interactive Video Campaign" from JD Power. The category was not for simply a repurposed TV spot, but an online video campaign specifically designed to capture the attention of a viewer. Immersive Video increases brand awareness, drives ad interaction rates, allows users to interact with a brand with minimal disruption to browsing and displays an interactive hi-res spherical image when enabling the pause function. Other notable companies utilizing Immersive Media's 360-degree video include MSN.com, Red Bull, U.S. Army, NBCSports.com and adidas.com.

"Our 360-degree video brings customers into the world of an ad, allowing them to interact with the product or service featured," said Myles McGovern, President & CEO of Immersive Media Corp. "Through our relationship with EyeWonder, we make it easy for advertisers to create truly interactive banner ads and place them anywhere as part of their media buy. Our partnership with EyeWonder provides customers with interactive digital advertising options that combine the most innovative rich media capabilities with cutting-edge video technology."

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