Everyzing - New Video Content Management Console

YouTube has opened up an entirely new distribution method for audio and visual content, but right now, YouTube is like the "Wild West" for a media company's brand. Using it may certainly increase its content's exposure and enable audio and video sharing, but the company loses all control of its brand – as well as all of the revenue opportunities.

On the heels of announcing two new products for next-generation universal search and SEO, EveryZing will be announcing another new offering on April 14 at the NAB show in Las Vegas that helps give media companies back the control they loose from sites like YouTube.

EveryZing is introducing a content management console called "RAMP" that enables media companies to have complete control over the Reach, Access, Monetization and Protection of their multimedia content. RAMP brings customers control over their content, context and brand; and grants them the power to determine how their content is discovered, edited, distributed and consumed - giving them back the control and the ability to drive their own brand's SEO.

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