Revision3 Gets Optimized With EveryZing SEO Solution

Revision3 Gets Optimized With EveryZing SEO SolutionIn yet another high-profile customer win for EveryZing, the next-generation universal search and vSEO leader today announced Revision3 will use its solutions to provide enhanced search and discovery of the site's vast array of original, broadcast-quality Internet television programming.

Revision3 is licensing two solutions from EveryZing's product suite: ezSEO and ezSEARCH. These two products will offer Revision3 visitors a seamless Web experience and the unique opportunity to discover the video content they want simply by entering a search term, clicking on a keyword and jumping to that exact point in a broadcast. In addition, ezSEO will open up Revision3's content to the large search engines to further increase online consumption.

"The Internet runs on search, but before EveryZing it was nearly impossible to easily and quickly integrate our video into the internet's search infrastructure," states Jim Louderback, Revision3 CEO. "We picked EveryZing because its unique solution unlocks our entire library of edgy, smart and professionally-produced online video, to both help our existing users find exactly what they want, and to help everyone else on the Internet easily discover our content.”

Born from the Internet and created by some of the best-known names in Silicon Valley (including Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson), Revision3 is a popular destination for an Internet-savvy audience that seeks quality content focused on technology, comedy, music, and other community-based programming. It's most popular show, Diggnation, covers all the top stories on the social bookmarking website

"New media companies such as Revision3 are choosing EveryZing because our solution has the potential to touch every facet of their online offering — from search, to SEO, to advertising," explains EveryZing CEO Tom Wilde. "With EveryZing, Revision3's high-quality video content will be easily discoverable across all of the Web's major search engines, delivering a cost effective channel for attracting new users to the site and unlocking the advertising opportunities.”

Adds Wilde, "Our solution is the only one in the industry that has all the pieces to the puzzle – not just the what but the how. This is why we continue to be the media industry's go-to solution for tapping the $4BB online video opportunity.”

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