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EveryZing Introduces Revolutionary Online Video Player   MetaPlayerEveryZing, a company that we have covered many times in the past, has released a ground-breaking new player to the industry, dubbed, "MetaPlayer."  With this new player, partners of Everyzing can include video content from multiple video platforms into one seamless player.  So, if a company wants to showcase their own videos hosted via Brightcove, along with content, for example from Youtube, they can now do so.   In addition, viewers have access to features which really make for a much more interactive experience.  For example, viewers can search within the video player, comment on any point w/in the video, create playlists, and can even choose to embed the entire video or just a chosen portion.

MetaPlayer is completely customizable and configurable including custom skins, controls, ad tags, and analytics. All of the features can be turned on or off via EveryZing's management console - RAMP.

Here is the announcement from Everyzing:

Everyzing, a pioneer in universal search and vSEO and the media industry's go-to solution for tapping the $4BB online video opportunity, today announced the launch of MetaPlayer, the Web's first video player platform to deliver on the demand for a truly interactive and dynamic "lean-forward" viewing experience. EveryZing's MetaPlayer hits the ground running as the Dallas Cowboys' top pick for bringing interactive video content to fans and consumers, while enabling the organization to control and maximize the value and potential of its multimedia content.

EveryZing's patented technology for generating high-quality metadata makes it the only industry player positioned to empower media companies with this level of online engagement and control that's critical for their success. EveryZing's core technology combined with powerful video navigation capabilities means that end users can finally consume video the same way they do text, creating endless targeted advertising opportunities for publishers. Consumers can also utilize advanced viral features as part of their video experience. With users engaged, media companies can now easily control their content's context, brand and monetization.

MetaPlayer brings the following unrivaled capabilities to the exploding market for online video:

  • The Web's first true "lean-forward" video experience -- With EveryZing's core metadata and patent-pending "jump-to" capabilities, consumers are now able to navigate within video content clips through time-stamped tags, searching across its full transcript or by using EveryZing's scene-based thumbnail navigation.
  • Best-in-class viral video features -- With MetaPlayer, media companies can allow their end-users to create clips from within a video, as well as share, embed or e-mail the clips, while still retaining control of the advertising and branding elements of the video experience.
  • The Web's first video player framework to integrate YouTube and other third-party "chromeless" players -- Media companies can now add YouTube channels to their end users' content experience, while maintaining a seamless, branded player experience on their sites.

"The business potential for online video is tremendous, but there are several challenges that must be met first," said Allen Weiner, research vice president, media & consumer technologies, Gartner. "Finding a way to monetize content, while meeting both consumers' and content providers' demand to control it are among the most critical."

Searching for a solution to keep fans on the Dallas Cowboys' branded site versus other media or infotainment sites, the organization immediately recognized the value of EveryZing's hosted, white-label solution to increase discovery and monetization of its premium content for fans worldwide.

"DallasCowboys.com is one of the primary channels for providing our fans with comprehensive information and updates on the team. Creating a best-in-class experience is critical to us," said Jerry Jones Jr., vice president of marketing for the Dallas Cowboys. "EveryZing's turnkey solutions were simple to deploy on the site and significantly enhanced the site's core functionality."

"The lean-forward experience we have come to expect from the Web has been completely absent in video consumption," said EveryZing CEO Tom Wilde. "Consumers want to clip, share, comment and drive their personal online video experience, but content producers have been hesitant to allow this for fear of losing all control over their brand and monetization opportunities. MetaPlayer is the link between the two, and the industry's first real step in providing a viable solution to the challenge of monetizing online video."

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