EveryZing Zings Into NBC and Money

Everyzing whom you might know from such great products as ezSEO, their integrated multimedia SEO solution for connecting audio and video content to the major web search engines and ezSEARCH, their integrated universal site search solution, enabling multimedia content to be indexed and searched just like any web document have come into some money and some new business deals.

Unlike Troy McClure from the Simpsons they just pocketed a cool $8.25M from their existing investor base and a few new friends. That's a great big stack of $1 bills but I'm sure they got one of those over-sized checks to deposit in the bank instead.

They also announced that NBC Universal is going to deploy their products and services. NBC will integrate EveryZing's full solution suite — including MediaCloud, ezSEO, ezSEARCH and MetaPlayer — into its Media Works platform. That means they'll be the solution behind the search box on places like NBC, CNBC and their other digital outlets. (Way to go Zingians!)

Did you know they have now nabbed three of the big four broadcas companies as clients? they also serve the Dallas Cowboys website (I wonder if they get to meet the cheerleaders) as well as FoxSports and Cox

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