New Enterprise Video Content Management System

Symphony Video Inc. has announced the general availability of Ensemble Video 2.0, a patent-pending enterprise video content management software system developed at Syracuse University. Ensemble Video (, a flexible and easy-to-use distributed video content administration model, is for organizations that want to manage video on their media servers and within their own computing environment. Ensemble integrates well with a wide range of video technologies.

"The Ensemble Video integration enables organizations additional flexibility for sharing and publishing captured video content from TANDBERG's Content Server to internal and external Web sites," says Peter Nutley, director of global product marketing, TANDBERG. "We are excited about the Ensemble Video interoperability with TANDBERG's Content Server.”

A simple publishing API allows Web developers to customize the viewer interface for any Web site where Ensemble Video is published. The same publishing API can be used to integrate video content with proprietary content management systems, portals, learning management systems and other Web applications. Flash Video is supported in Ensemble Video, along with other media types including Windows Media, Real Media, QuickTime, MPEG4, MPEG2 and MP3.

Ensemble Video users now have a "watch directory" import option that increases publishing flexibility for high-volume batch encoding, importing content from external sources, and easy integration with other video technologies. The watch directory can be set up to monitor network-accessible media directories so, as media and metadata files (XML shadow files) are added, new video entries are automatically created in Ensemble Video libraries.

"Ensemble integration with our TANDBERG videoconferencing workflow makes it easy to manage video content that gets distributed to multiple Web sites, including authenticated Blackboard and Pharmacy College Web sites, and our more public iTunes, Continuing Education and Pharmacy College Web sites," says Sarah Wardlaw Jones, program coordinator for the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy. "With this new infrastructure, we are poised to handle the expected increase of video to the Web applications.”

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