In this week’s Producer Tip we talk about capturing good audio for your videos, but we also talk about engaging with viewers in the comments section of your videos. Even if you get so many comments that it’s impractical for respond to them all, at least try to respond to some of them every time. It humanizes you and even those who never comment see your engagement and perceive you as being someone who’s reachable, someone who listens to them, and invites interaction. It will only spur other viewers to engage and feel like they’re a part of your video.

Engaging The Community Around Your Videos

We asked our Facebook friends to give us their best tips for online video, and they came through with flying colors. Here are a couple of the best video producer tips we received:

  • Vickie suggested: “Do not use camera microphone. Use an external mic or even have it go into the audio recorder if your camera doesn’t have a jack.” I love it, because camera microphones are very, very poor.
  • Jayce added: “Do all you can to get comments, likes, and video responses within the first 48 hours of publishing. This greatly helps YouTube rankings.” Yes it does! Another good tip.

If you want to leave a comment on our video with your own producer tip, or even create a video response, over the coming weeks we’ll pick one or two of the best to be featured in our weekly producer tip video.

The Importance Of Responding To YouTube Comments

The comments section of YouTube is what really humanizes you, which helps the audience feel like they’re engaging and interacting with you. Even if you get, like, hundreds of thousands of comments on your videos–where it’s just impractical to respond to every single one, at least say, “hey, I’m going to respond to the first 500 comments.”

And these people who are coming after the 500, at least they feel like you were actively trying to engage and be a part of them. And the people who watch a video but never actually leave a comment, at least they may see that you’re engaging with other people. It makes them feel as if they’re a part of something, and that you value them as the audience. 

So definitely comment. And it’s so much fun, I mean… why wouldn’t you?