New Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Online Video Advertising From VideoEgg

New Cost Per Engagement (CPE) Online Video Advertising From VideoEgg

VideoEgg today introduced AdFramesSM, a performance-based ad offering designed specifically for brand advertisers. This innovative, feature rich model provides a more measurable way for advertisers to create high value engagement in social spaces, video and gaming environments.

Unlike the traditional cost-per-impression (CPM) method, which lacks accountability and forces a high level of risk onto the advertiser to determine ad effectiveness, AdFrames offers the brand advertiser an unprecedented, measurable approach to advertising with a pricing model based on cost per engagement (CPE). This unique method delivers accountability, unmatched insight into ad effectiveness, and guarantees ad spend success. Ads are served free of charge, and advertisers only pay when a consumer engages with their brand content, providing a risk free means to distributing highly targeted rich media content.

Since launching AdFrames in the U.S., earlier this year, more than 50 global brands including Samsung, Coke, Nokia, GM, Mazda, Microsoft and Nike have advertised across the VideoEgg network. The strength of the approach is reflected in the amount of time users are spending with advertiser's content, averaging almost 20 seconds across campaigns run to date.

"Today's introduction of AdFrames in the U.K. market reinforces VideoEgg's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to advertisers and publishers that ultimately engage, and benefit, consumers, said Paps Shaikh, Managing Director of VideoEgg Europe. "Our new AdFrames offering provides exactly what the market needs, a measurable way for brand advertisers to reach highly engaged consumers in social media environments through video and other rich media.

The AdFrames unit is designed to increase viewer engagement by providing a customisable, feature rich and multi-dimensional ad offering that meshes with a variety of page, widget, and flash-based environments. The new and innovative features offer the following benefits:

  • LIVE: Use real-time RSS feeds to continually update the ad experience
  • LOCAL: Deliver location specific messaging
  • RICH: Easily deploy and track a rich multi-video ad experience to increase user interactivity
  • SHOP: Bring the browser to the user, merchandising multiple items in a single real-time ad experience
  • SHARE: Viral capabilities help spread the message through virtually any communication or social channel

"AdFrames is a fresh new offering in the online marketplace. We love the way it allows us to bring our website to the consumer, without having to worry about spending money to drive people to the site via traditional banner advertising, said K-Yun J. Steele, Media Director, U.S. Digital, of Zenithmedia. "VideoEgg's unique cost per engagement pricing gives us the accountability we do not find with other publishers.

VideoEgg, with its full-service capabilities, helps advertisers and media buyers create and manage high value engagement with consumers online. By providing the entire solution, from start to finish, VideoEgg eliminates the need for third-party rich media providers.

For publishers, AdFrames aligns incentives across the delivery network by compensating publishers per user engagement. "Engagement takes place when a consumer rolls over an AdFrames ad unit and a full-page rich-media overlay experience expands on the page. A three-second delay between rollover and the expansion of the overlay unit protects against accidental interactions.

"Around half of the U.K. population is now using social networks, generating 170 billion page views in 2008 alone. Yet, despite this phenomenal usage, social media has proved notoriously difficult to monetise," said Dan Cryan, Senior Analyst at Screen Digest. "VideoEgg has created a solution that can potentially address theissues surrounding advertising and social media. The key here will be turning passive advertising into a creative-driven interactive experience that can mutually benefit advertisers and web site owners in highly interactive online environments.”

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  • scott broomfield

    Good job VideoEgg. The market is getting closer all the time. The next step is to make them more relevant and less intrusive, by making them a relevant product placement within the video. Then it truly is a CPE and, hopefully, a CPA. We (Veeple) help the web publisher side of this so the Ad Networks can layer in more relevant material. Fun times.

  • Binyam Senbeta

    Which pricing model- CPM or CPE- does work for websites that lure millions per week? Does any one give information about the CPE?

  • Hampus Landelius

    Perhaps its time to rethink CPE as something softer like Return on engagement!

    Here are some of my thoughts:

    / Hampus