So here's something awesome: YouTube is now making the subscribe button "embeddable" on your website.  That's pretty rad.  That gives your site some functionality for your channel; it's a nice touch.  What this means is that anywhere people can access your site, they can subscribe.  And since YouTube is pretty much everywhere, well, your "subscribe" button just gets more exposure.  Now, I guess most people who would visit your site are already subscribed, but maybe your website will be the final "sale" in the deal.  You never know what will make someone press that button.  We've talked before about how to make one for your site, but now YouTube has made it easy.

The YouTube Subscribe Button Embed Code

Here's the code:

<script src=""></script>
<div class="g-ytsubscribe" data-channel="Your Channel Name Here">

Here's what it looks like on Vice's website (courtesy of the YouTube Creator Blog):

You Can Now Embed the YouTube Subscribe Button on Your Website vicesubscribe 606x431

You can learn how to customize the button by reading about it here.

  • virool

    Pretty awesome. We already integrated into our player on Virool and now viewers can subscribe directly from watching the video through Virool for their channel.

  • Danny Dover

    Is anyone else seeing an issue where the button always says "YouTube" rather than "Subscribe"?

    • Mark Robertson

      YUP. I'm guessing they did that on purpose but we'll have to wait to see if they change it to "subscribe"

  • Michael Vera

    If it's the subscribe button you have on the right, I've had it on my site for a long time.

    I'm glad they made it easier now. I dont have to steal HTML off of other websites now haha.

    • Mark Robertson

      Nope, this is brand new. (I just havent had the time to implement on our pages. BUT - if you look at our homepage, you'll see it on the top right.

      • Michael Vera

        Oh yeah, I just checked the ReelSEO homepage. It looks awesome! I'm not sure which I prefer though.

        The subscribe box you have on your page shows the Youtube profile picture.

        The new button is nice and simple and displays the subscriber count in a sleek way.

        Which do you prefer Mark?

        • Mark Robertson

          I prefer the new one because it loads faster, and can be placed in more places. Also uses the Google+ javascript which we already have on our pages for G+