For this week’s Creator’s Tip, I provide some advice in the form of answers to a few common questions we’ve received from our audience of viewers on YouTube including: ways to make a living and build a career as a niche expert as well as some tips and tactics that you can leverage within your videos to drive additional traffic to your other, lesser watched videos.

I received the following question from our audience:

One of my video sets is getting more than others, how do I get more views to the other videos?

Tips for Driving Traffic to Other YouTube Videos:


Add annotations to your videos that link to other related videos, or videos that you mention.  Additionally, you can add annotations at the end of your videos that are doing well to drive traffic to your other videos. Check out our tutorial on creating a custom end-slate that you can use for this purpose.

Also keep in mind that YouTube stated themselves in their Creator Playbook that annotations which link to other YouTube videos will help with SEO — so you might as well use annotations when appropriate.

In-Video Programming

Remember that if you’re a monetized partner, you can now use YouTube’s in-video programming that let’s you add a thumbnail and link to a video of your choice to have featured across all the videos on your YouTube Channel.

Link to Videos in Description

As you should know, YouTube allows for you to place links within the description text area for your videos.  In order to do so, remember that you need to include the full URL text, including the “http://”.  So, remember that you can always link to some of your other videos within that description area.

There are many, many other ways that you can drive traffic to older videos in your YouTube mix…

QUESTION: What are some top strategies you’ve used to harness your current YouTube audience to drive views to older videos?

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