How to Drive Traffic Between Your Videos on YouTube [Creator's Tip #68]

How to Drive Traffic Between Your Videos on YouTube [Creators Tip #68]

For this week's Creator's Tip, I provide some advice in the form of answers to a few common questions we've received from our audience of viewers on YouTube including: ways to make a living and build a career as a niche expert as well as some tips and tactics that you can leverage within your videos to drive additional traffic to your other, lesser watched videos.

I received the following question from our audience:

One of my video sets is getting more than others, how do I get more views to the other videos?

Tips for Driving Traffic to Other YouTube Videos:


Add annotations to your videos that link to other related videos, or videos that you mention.  Additionally, you can add annotations at the end of your videos that are doing well to drive traffic to your other videos. Check out our tutorial on creating a custom end-slate that you can use for this purpose.

Also keep in mind that YouTube stated themselves in their Creator Playbook that annotations which link to other YouTube videos will help with SEO -- so you might as well use annotations when appropriate.

In-Video Programming

Remember that if you're a monetized partner, you can now use YouTube's in-video programming that let's you add a thumbnail and link to a video of your choice to have featured across all the videos on your YouTube Channel.

Link to Videos in Description

As you should know, YouTube allows for you to place links within the description text area for your videos.  In order to do so, remember that you need to include the full URL text, including the "http://".  So, remember that you can always link to some of your other videos within that description area.

There are many, many other ways that you can drive traffic to older videos in your YouTube mix...

QUESTION: What are some top strategies you've used to harness your current YouTube audience to drive views to older videos?

Here's a couple additional posts we've done about driving traffic to your YouTube videos:

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For this Weeks’s Creators’ Tips, you guys asked a bunch of questions and I have a bunch of answers. That's coming up!

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creators Tips, where every week we just help you guys who are making online video content know how to make that stuff stand out the best on the web. And today you guys have asked a couple questions of us over at VYou channel, and because I am not allowed to actually download the content straight from VYou, according to their terms of service. I am just going to answer them again. Have you tried to use VYou with Google Plus hangouts, can it work together? I actually haven’t' tied the two together and I’m not sure that there's like a built-in way that you can do that. But I really do like the Q&A atmosphere of VYou, I like how easy it is to submit video questions as video answers, which is way easier for me than just typing something out so I really like it. I guess you could maybe use your VYou in your lower third, or maybe as screen share in your Google Plus hangout, but other than that I don't really know of any good ways. If you guys do comment below and let know.

One of my video sets is getting more than others, how do I get more views to the other videos? There's a couple different ways you can do this, one, add annotations to the end of your videos that are doing well to drive traffic to your other videos, also you can use the in-video programming that add a thumbnail of your video and links it to that video or channel or whatever you want across all the videos on your channel. You could also link to other videos in the description text of the videos that are going well. And one of things that you guys know that I try to do, is I try to reference back to other videos as I'm talking, normally like this. So we have actually done a video about how to drive traffic and that video will be linked below.

Are you the owner of ReelSEO, or do you work for ReelSEO? I was just wondering your affiliation, love ya tons! Renee, I don't own ReelSEO, a guy named Mark Robertson, who if you saw our Thanksgiving thank you video, he's the guy in there. He's the one who founded, started, runs, owns, the mastermind behind everything that is here at ReelSEO. I am just a contractor and I actually have a full-time job, I work for a storytelling animation studio herein Cincinnati. But I do this kind of stuff on the side for fun and I really like it.

Hey Tim, what's this VYou place all about and how do the experts make money with social media teaching how to do social media? Ronnie, VYou is a place where you can do really easy Q&A with your audience. It's kind of like this but it's much better when it's on their website. And about social media, there’s a couple different business models that are currently working, one is making yourself a thought leader in the industry, or the niche that you're in, by providing free content and then developing a paid product that you would then sell to people who have learned to trust your opinion and your voice. You can also then put ads against that free content, is the second way people do it. A third way, that is you kind of start building a name for yourself, a reputation there comes paid speaking engagements, there becomes paid writing opportunities and a lot of other things. Then of course your product sells better and more people are reading your free content and thus seeing more advertising so you can get more of the money. So it just kind of builds from there, but those are kind of like the main four business models I see working for teach how to use social media.

I'd really love to hear what you guys think about a Q&A type of Creators Tip video once in a while, comment below and let me know. And if you have any questions you'd like me to hit up in a future Q&A episode below, comment with that below or video response so I can actually show your face right here, that would be awesome. If you're not subscribed and you want to see that video when it comes and all the other stuff we're doing for you guys multiple times throughout the week, make sure you click the subscribe button. Now it's below this video if you're on the new design of YouTube and also make sure you check us out at for all the stuff that we're probably answering questions that you didn't even know you needed, or that you had, even before you ask them so make sure you check that out all throughout the week. And I will see you guys next week for a real web video and then for another Creators Tip video. Talk to you then, bye!

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  • Amit Dwivedi

    Great! Tips for Driving Traffic to our videos.

    Thanks for sharing creative steps to drive traffic at the website.

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I just need to hire you guys!

  • Lance Carr

    Hi tim,
    One method I have used with reasonably good success is by adding a unique tag that only my video have. It can be anything really as long as it only appears on your videos.

    YouTube seems to gather related videos together by various means. So if all your videos are grouped together on your channel that increases the chances of you videos appearing as the "related videos" appearing onscreen or in the right hand sidebar.

    However this is not the only factor they use which is why sometimes your videos appear there along with others.

    By entering a unique tag I have noticed that you can increase your own representation in those areas and "hopefully" increase the chances of a user clicking on your video to play next.

    The tag can be anything but as I say must be unique to your videos so for you guys you could use the tag ""

    • Mark Robertson

      excellent point.... That's what I call de-optimizing your tags but actually, we've done that for years and it definitely helps showcase additional videos more often..... Thanks for the comment