Fun Tip to Increase Video Conversion Rates 100 Percent or More sales conversions 200x105 We already know that online video can help to increase sales conversions - but, with a simple enhancement, you can more than double your video conversion rates.  Invodo, an online video solutions provider for e-commerce retailers and manufacturers, released a new video whitepaper today that exposes groundbreaking new research about a powerful and simple technique that reliably doubles conversion rates for online video.

It always amazes me how some of the most effective techniques for increasing conversion are so simple that they're overlooked and are often times - right under our noses.  Be sure to watch the video in its entirety, or at least until the 1:30 mark.

  • WhoLowMedia

    hahaha good stuff guys!

  • Ronnie Bincer

    I've got a "body-stash" you all beat! woof woof woof!

  • gerryoginski

    Ok- you get my laugh today. But hey, where's the share and embed button so I can share your April Fool's video, well-done I might add, with my blog readers and my Facebook buddies?? Hmm?


    • Russ_Somers

      Hi Gerry,

      Thanks for asking! Three options:

      1) Email me at russ at invodo dot com and I'll happily send you the embed code for the Invodo player

      2) It's on the Invodo Facebook page and you can easily share with your FB friends from there

      3) To make it really easy you can share/embed from YouTube at

  • Craig Daniel

    haha! Very funny.

    We're definitely going to add the "facial hair" overlay to the VisibleGains product backlog!

    -Craig Daniel

    • Russ_Somers

      Joe's sporting a nice example on your homepage, Craig!

      • Craig Daniel

        He grew it especially for the video. ;-)

  • Klessblog

    Amazing research! I wonder what the conversion rates would be for a spokesperson with a full beard or goatee (like me!) 200%? 500%? This is great news! ;)

    • Russ_Somers

      Larry, swing by the studio sometime and we'll try shooting with the goatee to see what happens! It could be the next big thing!

      • Klessblog

        Absolutely Russ, you can't dispute the power of Zach Galifianakis' beard!