Most YouTube creators rely on Adsense as their primary source of income from their videos, but you can earn a lot more money from your YouTube audience by developing a product to sell to them. Often this is an information product of some sort and can be much more profitable than relying on advertising dollars and sponsorships alone for your income on YouTube.

For this week's Creator's Tip, we talked with David Garland, creator and host of the website and podcast show, The Rise to the Top. His show provides insight and tips to help individuals learn how to start their own shows or how to take their existing shows or YouTube channels to the next level.  David talks with us about how to determine what kind of product you could sell to your audience, tips for making and launching it, and how to give your subscribers something that's valuable for both you and them.

  • Adam Peterson

    Great interview!

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Thanks, Adam!